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  3. Is the story ruined for me (spoilers!)?

User Info: Peerlessly

1 year ago#1
So, I was spoiled that Alys dies in the game. Is the entire story practically ruined for me? Or are there still some plot twists left? Thanks for answering.

User Info: stha guy

stha guy
1 year ago#2
There's still some stuff to go through. Besides, it's somewhat early on in the game.

User Info: FreshFeeling

1 year ago#3
You're fine.
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User Info: ____bob____

1 year ago#4
There is still plenty left after that so keep going.
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User Info: TriforceSD

1 year ago#5
People live and die, but I never understood the developer's reasons for allowing her to die so soon in the game. It doesn't ruin the game at all, but just stupid reasoning. The only saving grace as far as Alys is concerned is that it is possible to break the game so that she can participate in the later game even if no dialogue is present.
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User Info: johnthegreat

1 year ago#6
Carry on playing, it's a great game!

User Info: SatoruMasamune

1 year ago#7
Alys dying isn't even the halfway point in the game. There's still plenty of stuff left, and it's all good stuff, at that.
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User Info: IllegalSplicer

1 year ago#8
Keep going, there's still so much more to the plot.
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User Info: Goldenguy

1 year ago#9
When I first played, I was about convinced that avenging Alys would conclude the game, or at least be very close to that. Boy, I was wrong! And I am glad I was. Such an epic game that I need to play through again soon.
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User Info: The Masked Mage

The Masked Mage
1 year ago#10
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  3. Is the story ruined for me (spoilers!)?
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