Alys Solo - Gy-Laguiah to Xe-A-Thouls

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User Info: Gavin_the_Angel

1 year ago#1
Sorry for lack of updates, enjoy reading!

Gy-Laguiah - Alys was at level 30. Just use Vortex, heal if under 120 HP, and when vortexes are gone, use Nazan. Also, have a ceramic shield, it will greatly decrease the damage of Firebreath.

Zio - Alys was at level 33. Use up Vortexes, and after, bring out NaFoi, as Zio is weak to fire. Heal if under 120 HP. I was lucky, because Zio used his weaker attacks more.

Dark Force 1 - Alys was at level 42. Same as before, Vortexes, then NaFoi's, and heal if needed. Use the Plasma Shield as your shield, as it will reduce Flare Shot to 1 damage.

Xe-A-Thouls - Alys was at level 48. Have her equipped with two shields, a Reflect Shield, and a Plasma Shield (or was it Field?), as this will make Thunderblast not a threat at all. NaZan them until they die.

More to come tommorow.

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#2
Usually, the strategy vs the xe a thouls is to not use multi target skills to not make them use the thunderblast, but when doing a solo run, and having the plasma field, the strategy is the opposite.
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