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User Info: men_dvz

11 months ago#1
Just a random question:

You know when, in the anger tower, find Alys, Chaz fights with her alone.

There is something we don't know, but could be done with hacking: the slasher Alys uses, if she fights vs the entire party, targets everybody or just one person?

What do you think? I think it only targets one char, although it should hit everyone.

User Info: FreshFeeling

11 months ago#2
Huh. No idea. Great question.
Should be easy to test, especially with that one hack.
The feral chocobo calls with a boisterous "wark," not the domestic breed's mild "kweh."

User Info: men_dvz

11 months ago#3
I edited a savestate to put more chars in the party and

it targets only one char


Then... Re-Faze appears. Thought I could survive a few rounds (with full party), but it's impossible at normal levels. Megid does 270-300 damage to all. And he is faster than anyone, you can't even buff, or heal at the second turn. :S

User Info: Gavin_the_Angel

11 months ago#4
I was curious about that too for quite a while.

I don't think any enemy attacks are multitargets, no matter how much the graphic suits.

User Info: men_dvz

10 months ago#5
Oh, I forgot to comment something curious I found on anger tower.

If you enter the last floor where Alys is; if Chaz is 'dead', he will revive with full hp.
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