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User Info: Elrick75

1 year ago#1
This is a little off topic but still in the ballpark. I kinda wanted opinions from people I know like Phantasy Star like I do.

A friend of mine recently brought a new game to my attention because he knows that Phantasy Star IV is my favorite game of all time and Chrono Trigger is #3. Apparently "Cosmic Star Heroine" is like a mixture of the two. Has anyone here tried it to know if it's any good? Not a lot of reviews on it yet on steam.
My top 10: Phantasy Star IV, Shining Force II, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, Monster Rancher, FFVI, FE:A, ToG f, Tactics Ogre:LUCT, Breath of Fire II

User Info: LordoftheCastle

1 year ago#2
Immediately dismissed it thanks to the blatant and shameless Chrono Trigger reference in the store screenshots.
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User Info: KazumiAmano

1 year ago#3
Haven't tried the game (possibly I will soon, got no console game I'm currently playing) but the past two RPGs by the studio were quite fun: Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World. They were super budget games though on Xbox Live, maybe $2 each when I bought them.

This Cosmic Star Heroine game looks fun, though it reminds me almost nothing of Phantasy Star other than it's kinda sci-fi in nature.
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User Info: GritBusters

1 year ago#4
Just play Kiseki / Trails.
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User Info: xninja999

1 year ago#5
The warrior is unyielding and powerful, his heart is determined and loyal, his spirit peaceful and wise.

User Info: Adrastia

1 year ago#6
Zeboyd Games' logo icon looks suspiciously like my art... Imma sue! >>

Yeah I know. It's the most generic chibi sprite art ever. There goes my millions. I will never own a vintage Delorean. XD

The game looks kinda neat. Although I am not sure if my toaster will run the steam version. It doesn't look demanding. I really would like to try it.I like the character design and the environments a lot.

I've played a lot of obscure Japanese games. I'll try to think of what I've tried that is similar to Phantasy Star. I really like the marriage of high tech and traditional magic themes. There's probably something on the tip of my brain that I could suggest.

I regret not learning Japanese. But I think I'm too old now to pick it up well. I played the fan translation of Tomodachi Collection, which only translated the katakana keyboard. Also some things were left Japanese. It was actually pretty helpful in learning to recognise hiragana. I got to the point where I could use the hiragana without a guide. But once I got Tomodachi Life I started playing that instead. So now I only recognise a few characters.

LordoftheCastle posted...
Immediately dismissed it thanks to the blatant and shameless Chrono Trigger reference in the store screenshots.

Can you clarify? Do you mean the in-game shops? I can see adding a little Robo looking mascot somewhere or something like that. But if it's tons of stuff that just makes it look like it's less your game and more of a fan work. But I'm imagining that it doesn't go so far as to be mistaken for a doujin game.
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