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User Info: KevinReconAlpha

1 year ago#1
Howdy. There's something I'd like to be able to do, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. I'd let to set level caps below 99 for each of the characters. Unfortunately, trying to modify the experience values to pull this off in an indirect way doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any thoughts?


User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#2
What I would do is add to the initial char stats 2 bytes with the maximum level that char can get (look at InitialCharStats: label)

Then, you use that bytes in a conditional branch, that you could add where the game check if your actual level < 99.
Instead, it should compare with the char_max_level you defined before.
IIRC, it's in loc_3F4C:

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#3
There should be another way to do it without adding data to the code.

For example, making the chars you want to edit start a higher level, then, when the game show the level on screen, make it show the level they should be. A fake level.

E.g., if we want to make Chaz cap at level 5, we have to make him start at lvl 95, and modify the lvl table to adjust the experience values (and all of the stats)

Then, you have to make every window that displays the lvl to show this:

level to show = 1 + (real lvl - starting lvl)

This method has the problem that you must edit the tables everytime you change the cap.
In the first method, if you do it right, you only have to change a constant.

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#4
This is the result of the first method: it works.

Here, Chaz level cap is 1 and Hahn 2.

User Info: KevinReconAlpha

1 year ago#5
Interesting. I'll give this a try.

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