party "perished"

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User Info: shoolk

1 year ago#1
so, I just beat zio today with only demi alive

after the cutscene played out, I took 1 step and got this weird glitched message about how the party "perished", and now I have to repeat the dungeon

the message had what appeared to be menu text over it (the word "ORDER" went over the start of it), then I got kicked out to the title screen

have any of you guys experienced this? does this happen anywhere else I should know about?

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#2
That didn't happen to me but there are 2 more places where the number of party members decrease, but don't worry, it should't happen again because you will have another android in your party soon, he stays with you until the end, and he will revive after battles, like Demi

After beating dark force 2 in garuberk tw
After getting the aero prism.

PD: I would like to know if somebody has fixed this in a rom hack.
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