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User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#11
The only thing I found related to that is an action replay that makes monsters drop 100% of the time. Will look at that tomorrow.

Offtopic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx_DrjG95bA

User Info: c_s_tadsen

1 year ago#12
men_dvz posted...
•Just a random idea: make Claws and mid-heavy shields(crmc plsm rflc laco guard pow etc) 2 handed only. That means some tactics like equiping Rika with a silv-tusk and a rflc-robe vs Lashiec can not be used anymore and you will have to choose full attack or full defense.

Claws are supposed to be light, fast weapons suited to a highly agile character; making them so bulky and heavy they require two hands to wield is turning the entire concept for both weapon and character right on its ass. Ditto most of those shields you mentioned. Even a soldier using a medieval tower shield was still capable of using a short sword or spear with it, and that's heavy, primitive technology. Ceramics are very light weight; a device generating a plasma field for a shield shouldn't weigh much unless you're going to rebalance ALL energy weapons to show them being bulky.

Granted, your vision of what you want to end up with is your thing, and you can do anything you want with it, but... This just seems counter-intuitive to me. It really feels like making change for no other reason than to make change, instead of making change that will improve the game in some way.
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User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#13
Yes, that was a bad idea :(


Last days, I was looking for the information about the item drops, where are they stored, etc.
I found a temporary offset which is set every time you enter a battle. That offset, related with the enemy formations on battles, stores the bytes that coincide with an Item ID which the player is going to get if he wins the battle and has some luck.
Now, I am searching for the tables that store that info.


User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#14
Yep... I found the "tables" and now I can edit the item drops and the enemys formation for each dungeon.
But... they have to be decompressed (with Kosinski decompressor) in order to be edited, that means it can't be edited directly from the asm code/bin, plus minor details.

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#15
ShadMirage in random battles (US version). She is powerful...


User Info: FreshFeeling

1 year ago#16
I'd be pretty happy if you had a way to share what you've discovered.
Is the encounter data compressed, too?
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User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#17
I'll try to explain it. If I am not clear, ask me.

To do this, I used:
The disassembly posted in romhacking (http://www.romhacking.net/documents/697); a hex file editor; Debugens, to figure out what the bytes store on real time; the sega decompressor programs (http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/757/) to read and modify the data.
Optional, jEdit, makes easier to read the .asm code.

The ememy formation data: it's stored in groups/sets of bytes. Every dungeon has 8-10
different formations. 5 of them are for the first half and has mostly 1, 2 or 3
monsters each. The rest are for the last half and have 3-4 enemies.

The data can be found searching at this labels in the ps4.asm file of the disassembly:
loc_284F7C: (This one has the boss battles formations)
loc_2842BC: (This stores most of Motavia random battles)
loc_28471C (Dezolis?)
loc_284B8C (Rykros?)


How to read them: first we have to decompress it. To do it, we use the Kosinski
decompressor, included in the link above.


· On "source" insert the .bin game ROM.
· On "destination" insert name of -new file- where the new data will be stored.
· On "offset" we insert the offset where the compressed data, inside the game ROM, starts. We don't have to put end address.

Press decompress. Open new file with your hex editor (I use frhed).

When you decompress the data starting at #2842BC, you get something like this:

Each formation (= set of monsters that appear on random or boss battles) is
stored in variable groups- arrays of bytes.
A group of 4 monsters will be 16 bytes long.
A group of 3 monsters=14 bytes, etc.
The FF byte is a delimiter, means the end of one group.
All possible encounters are stored here.

What do the bytes represent?

Look at this set: 0e 05 00 08 04 0f 00 09 08 09 10 09 18 09 20 ff

·It's a 16 byte-long array= represents a group of 4 monsters.

Starting at position 00; this is what some of them store:
·Bytes nº 07,09,0b,0d = Stores the enemy's Id. They appear on screen in the given order,
from left to right.
In this example, we have 09 stored at those positions, that's the xanafalgue enemy id.
·Byte nº 04: it's the number of enemies that it has.
·Byte nº 03: it's the item this formation drop. In my case, I edited this to make them drop a Stel Sword (item id. 08), you can make them drop any item, but the drop rate is low.

The rest of bytes: I don't know exactly what they do. Nº 05 decreases each time you kill an enemy. Nº 00 and 01 might be related with the dungeon they are used, and º02 is always 00?

· In real time, where are this bytes stored?
Look for changes at ram address #FF41F0 - FF41FF, between encounters and boss battles. You can use the genesis debugger in Debugens and w-e-s-d keys to navigate the memory map.

To apply the changes:
Use the kosinski compressor utility.

Save to a new file. You have to add an extension to it, I use .comp.
Open file created with hex editor.
Select and copy all bytes (without offsets):

Open the game ROM file with the hex editor, and paste the new bytes directly on

the offset you previously got the data.

Save and play.

The game decompress this data every time before entering a battle. Don't have to start a new game to test this. Just load your game.
Don't know exactly how the game chooses formations.
And didn't found the item drop % algorithm yet.

User Info: FreshFeeling

1 year ago#18
That's extremely useful. Thank you. I used to be a big contributor to the data dumps and offset lists for this game but I knew nothing about the compression; for that matter, although I know the disassembly is available and I'm reasonable comfortable with asm, I haven't even looked at it yet.

(I hadn't even met my wife when wrftpb.com/psiv was last maintained and now I have three kids, so, yeah, not sure if/when I'll be into it again)
The feral chocobo calls with a boisterous "wark," not the domestic breed's mild "kweh."

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#19
I wanted to know what would be fighting vs 3 gy-laguiah at the same time.
At lvl 22 It was very easy, with buffs or not.

So, I modified them a bit. Just his main attacks. Don't like to raise hp and stats to bosses. Plus, he has 254 dexterity, can't raise that.

I didn't expected this battle to be fun. But it really was. You need a good strategy to win.


PD: dexterity could be related to the chance of paralysis effect on the physical attack. Because they paralyze %100 of the time.

User Info: men_dvz

1 year ago#20
More random notes:

• I tried to make Zio to use his Magic barrier (as a skill, just to make him more tricky) but it doesn't work. I don't know why. Instead, he does hewn' animation. The same happens with the Black wave that has instant death effect.

• Played a little with the party select mode. First, tried with Gryz, Hahn, Rune and Seth.
Hahn is, between lvl 1-25, the most versatile char here. Without Chaz and Rika his role is more important. He quickly learns a lot of techs (vol zan, wat, debuffs, rimit), and resist some powerful skills like thunderblast.

Rune, Gryz and Seth are very limited chars at low levels. Replace Gryz with Raja and you have a party that it's hard (slow) to level up, and pretty weak.
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