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User Info: FreshFeeling

1 year ago#1
So a lot of dummy/unused stuff in this game is kind of common knowledge. This stuff is discussed in some of the docs on this site, you can find more on TCRF (
There are a few unused items (map, Blood Axe, Spiral Slasher, something ring-like), some enemies that were removed outside of Japan (Acacia/Shadmirage), an attack used by those enemies (Star Dust), and of course the famous Feeve.

Just recently, Scootaloo on Fringes of Algo brought up the enemy ability called Destrocray. Well, not really recently; it was March. That's recent in Phantasy Star fansite time.
Here's the thread:
Scootaloo actually references my data dump docs and I never realized this attack was completely unused, but indeed it is. No idea why it was removed or who it was intended for. My best guess would be DF2. It would take some hacking and experimentation to learn more.
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User Info: Elrick75

1 year ago#2
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User Info: Adrastia

1 year ago#3
I've never seen it used either. I had no idea that it existed.
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User Info: FD3S

1 year ago#4
Man, it's awesome that new things are being learned about PSIV even now. Didn't know that Kyra had better versions of Hewn and Tandle till now, either!
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