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User Info: Phantomstriker

8 years ago#31

Here's a question I'm hoping you can answer,

At the beginning of the game Chaz is able to initiate a double-hit combo, though when I switched his weapons to a sword or another dagger he loses that ability.

Is there any way I can gain the ability back?

User Info: deadcarpet

8 years ago#32
You can only use two hit attacks with daggers, slashers, and claws. To be able to do a 2 hit attack with these weapons you have to have 2 of that type of weapon equipped.

User Info: dratsab

8 years ago#33
Greg "dratsab" Huffman

User Info: SatoruMasamune

8 years ago#34
Technically, you can also do a 2 hit attack every time you use CrossCut, and even a 4 hit attack with DoubleSlash, if Rika is equipped with two claws.
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Hey, if anyone has a chart with all the character's stats at every level to 99 on hand that could be neat to have in here.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

7 years ago#36
There's one at . I think Goldenguy's FAQ has it, too.

Oh yeah. Some people ask what guides the board recommends.
Many of the FAQs for this game are terrible for different reasons. The only general FAQ/Walkthroughs I recommend are Goldenguy's and Sir Pobalot's.
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User Info: misterbum

6 years ago#37
Nice chart.
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User Info: looked

6 years ago#38
From: Hewbo | #023
The level 99 glitch is not in the VC version of this game. Just wanted to put that in this topic. I'm thinking about grinding in the Sonic's collection version to see if it was also fixed.

I did it recently, it's not fixed in Sonics Ultimate sega Genesis collection. I only level Wren up to 99 in Vahal fort. A few battles later Raja's Mental stat was a 4, and his TP 0.

Does anyone know where I can find more detailed info about the level 99 glitch? Most of what I've found on the net about it has been misinformation.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

6 years ago#39
I know technical details of this game fairly well, but even I really have no clue exactly what's happening at level 99.

I'm certainly not guaranteeing this is accurate, but historically, my best guess based solely on observation and a bit of programmer logic has always been that, if you look at a character of each character's levels and stat gains (i.e. ), is that character's levels and stat gains are likely stored in an unbounded table.

Details (AKA "what this would mean if it's actually true"):
Suppose Wren's experience points are 8282238. He's level 98, one experience point away from level 99. He fights something that yields 1000 experience points, so he has 8283238 exp. The game checks that Wren has exceeded the requirement for level 99, and he does, so he gains level 99. Then it checks the next row, where Raja requires 154690 experience points for level 26. He has exceeded this, so it keeps going. Wren also qualifies for Raja's level 27, etc.

At 8283238 experience points, the next level Wren does not qualify for is Raja's level 97, so Wren would be level 99 with stats equal to Raja at level 96. This would have ramifications like Wren losing a lot of HP, gaining a lot of TP, having a mental stat, and having zero uses of Burstroc and Posibolt.

As characters continue to gain levels they rotate through other character's level data until they exceed Seth level 99... and then everything goes crazy.


I've always thought this but never proven it. If indeed you level only Wren to 99 and find that Raja's stats change, I'm either completely wrong or at least missing something.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

6 years ago#40
d'oh, replace the first instance of the word "character" with "table".
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