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User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#1
The following is a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered within this FAQ then please ask within this topic and someone will answer that question for you as soon as possible. Thank-You.
Thanks to MercuryKnight, SatoruMasamune, Crystalgate, mr2, retro_reset and anyone else who I missed for providing answers which are in this FAQ.

When was this game released?
1993 in Japan, 1994 in North America, 1995 in Europe.

How long is this game?
It can take anywhere between 6 and 30 hours depending on the player. AS for me it takes roughly 11 hours.

How do I access the Sound Test?
Beat the game and press B.

Do I need to play the other three games before I play this one?
No you don't. Just playing the other games gives you a bit more background. Phantasy Star IV does well enough on it's so that people don't need to play the other games.

Alis and Alys. Are they the same person?
No. The only reason why people think this is because their names are similiar.

Why are Alys and Rune age unknown?
Well, I suppose SEGA did this so it seemed mysterious and to make you curious about what their ages are.

I am only doing 1 damage to Zio. What am I doing wrong?
You need to use the PSYCO-WAND as an item.

What's the purpose of the Gift Shop in Termi?
It sells exclusive items. Such as the ALIS-SWORD and PEROLYMATE which are both used for sidequests.The PENNANT and WOODCARVIN are both decorations for Chaz and Alys' house.

I just killed Zio. How much more of the game do I have left?
You are about 1/3 of the way done the game.

Can I beat Re-Faze?
No. The only way to beat him is by hacking the game. But he still only gives you 1 Meseta and 1 Experience.

I can't get to the cave north of Aiedo. What do I do?
There is a passage to the right of the trees. Use it.

What is FEEVE?
FEEVE is a technique that was taken out of the game by the programmers. You can hack it in but when it is used, the message "has slept" appears and nothing happens to your party.

What are the NOTHING Items?
There are three NOTHING items. They include a map for Motavia and Dezolis, an axe nicknamed "Blood Axe" for Gryz, and a slasher nicknamed "Spiral Slasher" for Kyra.

Where is the best place to train in the game?
Early : Meta Slugs in the Passageway (239HP, 2000XP vulnerable to Rika's and Hahn's Eliminat)
Mid : Kuran (4x Siren386 5760XP and 4x Piercer 6900XP)
Mid : Weapons Plant (LifeDeletr 10000XP)
Late : Vahal Fort (2x LifeDeletr 20000XP and 4x Browren 486 15416XP)
Late : The Edge (Prophallus 65499XP, he's on the last level where you run into random encounters [level 6?]).

So-and-so keeps dying. What should I do?
Place them in the fifth character slot, and give them two shields. If they still keep dying, level them up in weaker areas.

Is there any in-game way to see what each skill and techique does without having to use them in battle?
No. There is no way at all. Just guess and check or view the list in this FAQ.

So Techniques use TP and Skills have a set amount of uses?
Exactly. The only way to restore them is by resting. TP has one other way which is through the Skill Ataraxia.

What is a MACRO?
A MACRO is a a premade strategy so when you engage in a fight, the player has a little more control of the battle.

User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#2
What are combos?
Combos are a combined attack involving two or more party members to create one huge attack.

How can I execute a combo?
By selecting the correct combination of attacks and hoping they go off. These are best done in MACROs. The following is a list of the combos.
Circuit Breaker- HIJAMMER + TANDLE
Holocaust- SAVOL + DIEM
Lethal Image- ILLUSION + DEATH
Purifying Light- HOLYWORD + EFESS
Triblaster- FOI + WAT + TSU (cannot use advanced versions of these Techs)

The combos aren't working! What am I doing wrong?
The thing with combos is the characters doing the combo have to go one after the other. If an enemy goes in between the characters doing the combo then that'll botch the whole thing up. You might be able to create a macro, where the slowest character not involved in the combo goes first, then the combo, which might increase the chance of the enemies going first, but also increase the chance of the needed combo moves going one after the other.

What does this combo do?
Black Hole- Instant death to all enemies.
Blizzard- Massive Water damage to all enemies.
Circuit Breaker- Instant death to all mechanical enemies.
Conductive Thunder- Massive Electric damage to all enemies.
Destruct- Suffering and gibbitude writ large. 999 damage to all enemies.
Fire Storm- Massive Fire damage to all enemies.
Grand Cross- Massive Light damage to all enemies.
Holocaust- Instant death to all biological enemies.
Lethal Image- Instant death to all enemies.
Paladin Blow- Energy damage to one enemy.
Purifying Light- Instantly destroys any enemies vulnerable to Light.
Shooting Stars- Fire damage to all enemies.
Silent Wave- Massive Force (Physical) damage to all enemies.
Triblaster- Inflicts Radiation damage to all enemies.

User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#3
What does this Skill do?
Airslash: Sword slash that hits all enemies.
Astral: Attacks one enemy with radiation.
Ataraxia: Restores TP by 1/4 for the entire party.
Barrier: Energy shield for the whole party that cuts spell damage.
Bindwa: Inflicts Sleep on all organic enemies.
Blessing: Increases the party's defense.
Burst Roc: Multiple small rockets are fired at all enemies.
Corrosion: Attacks all enemies with destructive force.
Crash: Instant death attack against any type of non-boss enemy.
Cross Cut: Attack an enemy with a swift pair of slashes in a cross shape.
Death: Instant death attack against any non-boss enemy.
Death Spell: Instant death attack against one organic enemy.
Diem: Instant death attack against one organic enemy.
Disrupt: Claw attack that hits all enemies.
Double Slash: Attack with sharp claws, up to four times depending on whether or not you have 1 or 2 claw-type weapons equipped.
Earth: puts one biological enemy to sleep.
Efess: Holy attack that hits all enemies.
Eliminate: Instant death attack only effective against biological enemies.
Explode: Instant death attack that tries to detonate an enemy from within.
Flaeli: Fire spell that does fair damage.
Flare: Radiation beam attack against one enemy.
Hewn: Vortexes attack all enemies.
Hi-Jammer: Inflicts Sleep on all mechanical enemies.
Holyword: Instant death attack that's very effective against evil creatures.
Illusion: Reduces Agility for all enemies.
Legeon: Powerful spell that hits all enemies with radiation explosions.
Medice: Restores HP to one humanoid character.
Medic Power: Revives organic party members and restores 1/4 of their max HP.
Mind Blast: Sleep against one organic enemy.
Miracle: This spell heals ALL of your party members, human or not, for LOTS of HP.
Moonshade: Like Mind Blast, but for all organic enemies.
Negatis: Like Diem, but it hits all enemies.
Phonon: Destructive sound waves are fired against all enemies.
Posibolt: Big radiation attack hits all enemies for heavy damage.
Rayblade: Sword slash infused with energy.
Recover: Heals caster for lots of HP.
Shadow: Decreases Agility for all enemies.
Spark: Instant death attack only good against machines.
Stasis Beam: Inflicts Paralysis on one organic enemy.
St. Fire: Holy attack that hits all enemies.
Sweeping: Axe attack that hits all enemies.
Tandle: Lightning bolts strike down from above, hitting all enemies.
Telele: Decreases Attack Power for all enemies.
Vision: Increases Dexterity stat for all party members.
Vortex: Boomerang attack that spirals around one enemy.
War Cry: Increases caster's Attack Power.
Warla: Increases the party's defense.

User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#4
What does this Technique do?
Anti: Cures Poison in one humanoid target.
Arows: Cures Sleep for the entire humanoid party.
Brose: Attempts to instakill all enemies. Has good accuracy against mechanical creatures and poor accuracy against biological ones.
Deban: Increases the party's Defense.
Doran: Reduces all enemies' Agility, causing their turns to happen later in a round (probably).
Foi/GiFoi/NaFoi: Inflicts Fire damage on one target.
Gelun: Reduces all enemies' Dexterity, making them easier to hit.
Gra/GiGra/NaGra: Inflicts Gravity damage on all targets.
Hinas: Emergency exit from a dungeon.
Megid: Blows. Stuff. Up. The Big One. The Mother of All Explosions.
Regen: Revives a dying humanoid party member at full HP.
Res/GiRes/NaRes: Restores HP to one humanoid target.
Rever: Revives a dying humanoid party member and brings their HP to 25% of its max value.
Rimit: Attempts to paralyze all enemies.
Rimpa: Cures Paralysis in one humanoid target.
Ryuka: Gate back to any town on the current planet that Chaz has already been to. Cannot be used in dungeons.
Saner: Increases the party's Agility.
Sar/GiSar/NaSar: Restores HP to all humanoid targets.
Seals: Attempts to block Technique/Skill usage on all enemies.
Shift: Increases a party member's Strength.
Tsu/GiThu/NaThu: Inflicts Light damage on one target.
Vol/SaVol: Attempts to instakill one/all biological targets.
Wat/GiWat/NaWat: Inflicts Water damage on one target.
Zan/GiZan/NaZan: Inflicts Wind damage on all targets.

Who is the ideal 5th party member for endgame?
Well it all depends on the player really. Want a challenge? Go with 4 people.
Raja - The healing god. He is also the only character who can heal TP.
Kyra - She usually tends to be a nice blend of everything.
Hahn - His insta-death techs work great in The Edge.
Demi - She can be used for a few combos.
Gryz - He's the powerhouse character here. Basically, he'll just attack.
NOTE TO ALL - I need to work on this question some more. But I gave you a quick summary. So please don't complain too much.

User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#5
I just spent two hours on this and now I'm going to bed. Just thought I'd post this to be nice. If you have any questions that aren't in this, than please ask in this topic and someone will answer you as soon as possible. Thank-You and have a good night.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

9 years ago#6
Nice one.
Note that there are four nothing items, the fourth has stats similar to a ring of the stars and can be equipped by anyone other than Seth, except that it's set as a plot item rather than a helmet/accessory. You may also want to note (in a future version or whatever) that these, again, are unobtainable in normal gameplay.

Don't see any other issues really. Strictly as a matter of preference I wish we could agree on a naming convention for the elemental types.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

9 years ago#7
Oh, I guess that you could've drawn more attention to Negatis/Crash/Explode as the ultimate kill-anything attacks (particularly Negatis). Saying Negatis is multitarget Diem is like saying Spark and Holyword are similar!
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User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#8
I just took what someone else posted in another topic... And also I did this between 1 and 3 am. I was tired afterwards and never bothered to check my work mmkay?

But either way I hope this will stop the majority of question topics. That was my main goal.
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User Info: trenzer1

9 years ago#9
Sorry for the double post but I just wanted to say that when going through the skills/techniques. I wasn't paying too much attention because I alrady changed a few of them which were worded such as "Same as Deban" etc etc. I must of missed a few. At least in any future version, this can be fixed.
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User Info: MercuryKnight

9 years ago#10
Quick note on the Destruction combo: Deban has to go first, but once Rika gets that Deban up you can use Megid, Legeon, and Posibolt in any order you want.
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