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User Info: Sabranic

5 months ago#1
I've played through this game numerous times, and there are quite a few items you encounter early on which qualify as end-game equipment, due to bonuses and immunities. Many of these are especially noteworthy because Mutant and Human stats can go well north of 99 - and raw defense on equipment pales before stat boosts, particularly speed, which is very much a "one stat to rule them all" attribute once you get your hands on AoE nukes.

Dragon Boots - +5 Magic; nice for getting a perfect +20 to magic stat end game.
Speed Helmet - +5 Speed; nice for making sure your mutants go first with quake/flare/white/nuke/litx when grinding.
Cool Accessory - OFire; not many ways to get fire resistance.
Warm Accessory - OWater; handy if you want to use Power Gauntlets.
Diamond Gauntlets - OWater & OTornado; a lot of defensive bang for your buck.
Fire Shield - OWater; handy if you want to use Power Gauntlets.
Ice Shield - OFire; Another good source of rare Fire resistance.
X-Fire Staff - +5 Magic, +5 Agility; Pretty much the king of Mutant weapons until the Wall Staff shows up, speed is key.

Grinding Tip: Also, for grinding levels on the Talon (for those who want to go to 99), don't discount the lowly Flood Spell. On a mutant, following E-ray, it will wipe even OWater enemies, and its low mana cost means you can spam it for literally hours - so you can surf the web or watch videos and pay zero attention to the game. Use Power armor, speed shield, speed helm and the X-fire/Wall staff to make sure your flood mutant goes first always. Set Arthur on parry, set everyone else (besides your mutant) on Auto. The auto attackers will kill anything with a high evasion rate that survives Flood or E-ray. Alternate moving the Talon left and right, so you don't wear our your controller. Game Boys and Game Boy Advances are getting hard to find in good shape these days, and I've learned from experience that refurbished units and repair parts for them are really sub-par compared to the factory Nintendo components. Having worn numerous units down over the years, I try to minimize wear and tear on my collection.

*Note: You can get unlimited warm accessories by grinding aboard the Talon before you head up the walkway to Donmac. Also note, the average exp per battle aboard the Talon is 189 at this point - if you walk up into Donmac, the enemies change, and the average exp per battle drops to 114 - and you end up with Virago's and Hustler's showing up in quantity, both of which have irritating levels of evasion. If you want to cheese things even further, pack the E-ray back out of the underworld the long way... it will one-shot anything that fails to evade.
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User Info: DragonAtma

5 months ago#2
I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you play it in solo mode, once you get the Mage Armor (oConfusion) you'll want to equip it and keep it equipped until you get a ribbon. No, it's technically not endgame equipment, but it remains must-have equipment.
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User Info: BareknuckleRoo

5 months ago#3
LitX is used by enough enemies that I use Diamond Helmets until the end except for whoever has the Aegis Shield (full damage element resist) or for any Robots on the team (Venus + Ribbon = total element/status resistance). The helmet slot is my preferred one to compromise on and use Diamond for the resistance since its endgame option, the Hecate Helmet, isn't far off statwise and the bonus to Magic I find is less helpful unless you're focusing on magic damage, compared to other equipment slots whose endgame options tend to give Speed boosts.
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