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User Info: NeoUltraIce

10 months ago#1
In the Future World, in the town of Zhakal there is a house immediately to the right. When you enter it, there are three Hume's (little boy, grown man and grown woman) and a bed next the window. The woman says nothing really besides current game "advice"; however the boy and Dad make reference to FFL2.
Boy: "Beating villains, right? I was doing the same before"
Dad: "We are looking for the Lost Ark!"
The boy being the Hero of FFL2, and the dad being the one who tried leaving at the end of the game saying he's off to look for the Lost Ark. Its funny too because Mom was home too at the end of FFL2, so the whole family is there! Wonderful!
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User Info: thrawnca

10 months ago#2
That is cool.

One wonders why Isis isn't lending a hand with the Water Entity...oh, but I guess she might still be in the core of the world.

User Info: NeoUltraIce

10 months ago#3
My guess is that she said she sleeps for 1000 years (or was it "few" thousand years) so this game must take place within a couple years of the 2nd if it's Canon
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User Info: _Kaz

10 months ago#4
And they leave through the window when you're not looking.
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User Info: DamageInc

7 months ago#5
Aren't these the same folks who give you the Katana later on?

User Info: BareknuckleRoo

7 months ago#6
Yep, they're the ones.
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