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User Info: cubcgy

9 months ago#1
Long story short, I’ve been excitedly replaying these games for the first time in 20 years, but I’m now in Pureland (just beat Jorgander), and realized I never planted my Ifram seed. When I try to use the Past warp, it doesn’t allow me to. Is there any way to return to the original map (the one with Dharm and Elan). Sorry if this has been covered; I couldn’t find anything on the boards.
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User Info: TriforceSD

9 months ago#2
I've always wondered this as I recall someone saying that the only way back is through the hole in the ocean in Pureland or by seeing Dr. Pulcer. Can't recall if this NPC is in the regular world or Pureland. I"m assuming you cannot without glitching or cheating tho. This game hasn't been examined in detail like FFVI and other games. Im willing to bet there is a way to get back using an exploit.
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User Info: thrawnca

9 months ago#3
The Ifram tree just gives you a small clue to help navigate in the Present and Future. If you've already reached the Pureland, you don't need it.

It's also possible, but still noncritical, to miss out on the Flushex unit (I didn't realise it existed on my first playthrough) and spells like Shell/Fast (which are normally minor, but important if you want to fight Jorgandr using a party of 4 Firefans).

But no, there isn't any way back until the ending sequence.

User Info: cubcgy

9 months ago#4
Aw, that’s unfortunate. It would have been cool if there was a way, but I’ll just try to remember for my next playthrough!
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User Info: DamageInc

6 months ago#5
It's also possible to miss getting Morph from Granny; I think this is why all the 5th party members have it as well. I missed it as a kid on my first playthrough.
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