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User Info: Yohnstoppable

9 months ago#1
Don't think I've seen this in any guides, but stumbled onto it when I was a kid. When you get the e-ray underground, backtrack and get back on the Talon. Don't go through to the other side, or it will trigger spawning of tougher enemies.

At this point, the Talon will one shot everything, although it does occasionally miss an enemy. So you can just fly around and quickly have the Talon kill everything. Later spots of course have more xp per battle, but you can just brainless fly around getting free xp with this method

User Info: TriforceSD

9 months ago#2
I saw this somewhere too... I guess from one of the FAQs..suggesting turning around after getting it.
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User Info: thrawnca

9 months ago#3
It's a known exploit, listed eg at https://www.mobygames.com/game/gameboy/final-fantasy-legend-iii/hints/hintId,18804/

I can't recall whether I've tried also submitting it here; if I did, it must have been rejected.

It works particularly well on an emulator, where you can crank up the game speed.
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