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User Info: HylianFox

1 year ago#21
TriforceSD posted...
I'm so behind with the times but I'm assuming this game got re-released

there was a DS remake like 10 years ago but it was never released outside Japan
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User Info: thrawnca

1 year ago#22
Nah, no re-release, I just dug it up and played it through again recently.

User Info: TriforceSD

1 year ago#23
Oh yeah!
Something else I remember finding out like 15 years ago...
If you don't have martial arts weapons for the beasts to use, it appears that they can do more damage with bare fists than using other non martial arts weapons. I found this out by accident when I had a beast using TNT explosives. Apparantly, they had run out and the beast "smashed" the enemy, for what I recall to be almost 200 damage. That was much more than any other weapon except the explosives, martial arts weapons, and most likely the later mystic swords.

So I guess bare fists fit with the formula for the martial arts weapons with 1.5 skill for beasts, which makes sense.
I have no idea what the weapon power is for "fists". Some of you more savy computer code experts might be able to find out. I assume they take a weapon power of 1.

Damage = 1/2 x skill x WP x Att. - Def.

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  3. Items are underrated
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