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User Info: StridentArremer

3 years ago#1
I haven't seen it brought up before, but there were a lot of aesthetic changes between the original SaGa 3 and Final Fantasy Legend III. I want to say most of it is entirely superficial, but I'm not 100% sure.

For starters, the menu designs have some major differences. Spells are organized into levels or tiers akin to the original Final Fantasy, and any given character can memorize up to three spells per level. For instance, a character could hold Cure, Sleep and Fire in their first-level slots, and once those slots are filled, no other level-one spells can be learned. However, currently known spells can be ditched and dumped back into the item inventory, so it's always possible to make room for new spells. In FFL3, there were no levels or tiers associated with the spells, so any character could have every level-one spell in their inventory simultaneously.

Relevant image: https://s13.postimg.org/5z2aaudaf/bgb00001.gif

Another menu change is found within the main item inventory. There are two columns instead of FFL3's single column. As a consequence, item names have a shorter character limit. And if I'm not mistaken, SaGa 3's item inventory has a slightly higher maximum capacity than FFL3.

Not surprisingly, a number of enemy sprites were changed or censored. Cutting Room Floor has a pretty good explanation of that here: https://tcrf.net/Final_Fantasy_Legend_III#Regional_Differences

I'm curious if anyone else has encountered other regional differences not already mentioned here. I have a copy of the game in Japanese, but I haven't played all the way through this version yet.

User Info: HylianFox

3 years ago#2
most of the other changes are character/enemy/item names
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User Info: zoogelio

3 years ago#3
Yeah, the enemy sprites have changed in some instances. I don't recall that being done with the first 2 games. I understand the clown was changed into something the Western audience would be more familiar with (the Japanese sprite was a clown robot that was outside an Osaka restaurant). Not sure what the impetus was with changing the cyborg evil nurse & doctor though.

Enemy name changes? That was common in the previous games. I found it interesting to see what they were originally, likewise for 2-D Zelda dungeon names.
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