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3 years ago#31
DragonAtma posted...
Well, here's one thing to think about: you've only got three tiles for HP/MP, which means that the max HP/MP is (or was supposed to be) 999.

So how close are you to 999 HP/MP? Note that cyborgs and robots are a poor estimate that way, as equipment affects their max HP (and robots are locked at 0 MP).

That's not a good measure of progress through the total game. As mentioned, there's no need to level past 31, and humans/mutant HP/MP will only be around 600 by then. Only transformed character's really approach 999s at that level, and usually only in HP.

Edit: My mistake, top transformations actually do have about 900 in both HP and MP (not counting robot's MP, of course). So as long as you're using the highest HP and MP stats in your party to measure progress and you have at least one transformed party member, max display HP is a pretty good measure of progress in this game. But I still say that that doesn't apply as general rule across the board, it just happens to be applicable to this game.
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