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User Info: LusterSoldier

11 years ago#91
Bacon is almighty, yup. Breakfast food FTW.

I'm allergic to egg yolks (not the whites though), so it's hard to find breakfast foods that I can eat (if at a fast food place or restaurant) so I end up eating bacon and sausages instead.
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User Info: Meowth

11 years ago#92
*eats some biscuits and gravy*

User Info: FeedItToTheLion

11 years ago#93
Bacon, eggs and pancakes are awesome.

User Info: BadfingerBoogie

11 years ago#94
And cheese pizza! Don't forget cheese pizza! ^_^
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User Info: PS_Pro

11 years ago#95
Never forget the cheese pizza! =D
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User Info: HANGtheDJ_86

11 years ago#96
*forgets the cheese pizza*

Now what?
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User Info: LennethValeth

11 years ago#97
I dinged my car!!!!!!!!!

oh, it's not that type of claim......

computer angel love

User Info: Sephka_Blight

11 years ago#98
I has a pizza but I eated the cheese D=
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User Info: GnomeSword138

11 years ago#99
This topic makes me hungry. Mmm.

User Info: DJShrimpy

11 years ago#100
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is still the best 3DO game.
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