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User Info: Yams

13 years ago#11
I thought it was "YOMG"

But I could very well be wrong.

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#12
I'm lost.

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#13
I'm lost...again.

User Info: manofvideogame

13 years ago#14
I been lost before.
I never get tired of playing video games. Still playing 20 years later.

User Info: monkeymuffins

13 years ago#15
*Walks in with map upside-down*
To be honest, i have seen better muffins. But the monkey is a superb specimen, and should be studied further - Bvt

User Info: Wolf_of_Sweden

12 years ago#16
*lurks in shadows waiting for other lost hunters*
so...its my sig

User Info: FeedItToTheLion

12 years ago#17
I'm not lost...not yet...

User Info: pothole567

12 years ago#18
I just found myself

User Info: _penguin_dude_

12 years ago#19
>_>9 Then get the hell outta my house!...
All my post end with "..."
This one is no exception...

User Info: Predator_10

12 years ago#20
I claim this message board to add to my collection of message boards.

Current stolen message board count: 36
Current stolen guestbook count: 13
Current amount of secret message boards stolen: 3
" I take a whiskey drink, I take a coffee drink, and when i have to pee, I use the kitchen sink." Homer Simpson
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