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Chii85 3 years ago#1
Why was the Playstation release of Chrono Trigger got the T rating?
Fallacia 3 years ago#2
There were a few factors. References to alcohol were included into the list of content that would elicit a T rating by the ESRB at that time. The PS version also included animated scenes that weren't in the original that further emphasized the violence they took into account with the rating system. Blood and violence were responsible for most RPGs of the era being given a T rating. Without the inclusion of the animated scenes, there is a slim possibility it could have gotten an E rating like the SNES version. It's just unlikely that would have been the case with public attitudes souring towards alcohol and tobacco in the late 90s.

The ESRB is a self-regulating entity and has evolved over the years based on the values of the time. In 2005, they added an E10+ rating so as to no longer penalize some games as harshly with a rating that may not be wholly representative of the game's content. Releases of Chrono Trigger since that implementation have gotten a rating of E10+, while ports of the PS version have maintained their T rating on Sony's platforms as they are still considered digital versions of the same game released for the Sony Playstation. The ESRB doesn't have a tendency to re-rate old games, so the version on the PSN is stuck with that T rating.
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