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User Info: Jeffehz

8 years ago#1
Trying to patch Phantasian Productions patch. Using xdelta as they suggest but I have no project what an output file is. I checked all the files I got from the download but the patcher won't accept any of them. The patching instructions says it's self explanatory, but I never had to deal with an "output file" before and I tried xdelta's site for some kind of faq. Google search gives me no help either. =_=

User Info: Kaelin

8 years ago#2
If all else fails, you can try Absolute Zero's translation patch. The style of the translation is different (more literal and less "creative"), but I got AZ's to work just fine.

User Info: LordoftheCastle

8 years ago#3
You have to make the output file yourself. Name it whatever you want, but be sure to include the .bin extension.
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User Info: Seth Huber

Seth Huber
8 years ago#4
You don't even have to make it. Just type something.bin in the box. You might have to point it to a directory.
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