Soul Cannon

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User Info: DevsBro

4 months ago#1
The FFV wiki says this is the easiest boss ever. I dunno what game they were playing because this thing is thrashing me.

I'm level 22 so learning l5 death is out (or at least would suck).

The problem I'm finding is that I can just barely cure fast enough to outpace the damage I'm taking. Then there's no time left to attack. The stupid side enemies keep halving my HP, which isn't so bad considering there's only one attack that can kill you, but the problem is that it takes at least three cure 2's to get the party strong enough to survive said attack.

And that's at the start of the fight. Shortly after beginning, my party cure 2's drop to less than 100 HP apiece for no obvious reason and my party members also start losing HP on their own at like 10HP per second.

Before long, even with every character Hasted and casting Cure 2 on every turn, I can just barely tread water.

I don't understand. :(
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User Info: DevsBro

4 months ago#2
Ok so I got everyone to 25 except Galuf who was still 24, got L5 death and fought the thing again.

L5 death kills the minions only, which helps and all, but I was hoping for more than that.

It took five ethers and about a month but I finally defeated the stupid thing.

Moving on now.
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