Any Tips For A New Player?

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User Info: tlodgamer

1 year ago#1
Hello everyone,

I have just bought this game, and will be playing it for the very first time pretty soon. So I was wondering if a few people here would be so kind as to give me some tips and pointers about the gameplay of Final Fantasy V. No story spoilers, please! Oh, and as a side note, I've played Final Fantasy 6-9 before, so I am somewhat familiar with Final Fantasy.

Hopefully, I will receive some responses. This board seems to be pretty dead. :(

User Info: chaoyun2k

1 year ago#2
In the early game, don't dawdle too much, but don't rush either. The game is pretty linear at first so you can't really go wrong unless you spend so much time doing something that you forget what you were supposed to be doing. Once jobs are available, pretty early, the game becomes more about what you want to do. Don't buy much of anything until you have jobs, and then just buy what you need...but don't sell too much either.

There are a few of us that check this board, so maybe you will get some good tips soon.

The main thing is to enjoy!
Some are wise, some are otherwise, and I have my moments.
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