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  3. How was anybody supposed to know to press X to avoid getting the Normal Ending?

User Info: slk_23

1 year ago#1
At the end of the game when Yuna is walking through the flower of fields (Farplane Abyss), you have to press X to "upgrade" from the Normal Ending (where the characters are riding the Celsius and Brother tells Yuna "Roger!") to the Good Ending or the Perfect Ending.

Without using a guide, how was anybody supposed to know that you had to do this? You saw some crazy cryptic stuff like this back in the NES days with games like Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. But why would Final Fantasy X-2 have this "feature," especially in 2003 when free internet walkthroughs had already started to replace paid paper strategy guides? What's the point of being so secretive about how to obtain one of the happier endings?
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User Info: Kakuzatou

1 year ago#2
It's a moral lesson: good things don't come to those who wait. You have to actively work towards what you want. Tidus is dead, Yuna's in the farplane, make it happen!

User Info: MoogleUK

1 year ago#3
I felt like Square wanted you to experience the default sad ending and have to know and choose to see the happy one.
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User Info: ryansigns

11 months ago#4
I feel like it was just one of the many detail oriented things that they included in the game to make people more willing to buy the strategy guide (like I did lolz) or not regret having bought one. Imo, this and many other things are complete b.s. and I still miss crap with the damn book in front of me due to its reading order of operations not mentioning things like the Kilika Camera-man needing to be spoken with in nearly every chapter UNTIL CHAPTER 3+ IN THE GUIDE! Like seriously :/ wtf Brady, no wonder y'all got closed down.

So tldr: They did it to make money
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User Info: bvillebro

11 months ago#5
you had to do the same process to get the bonus scene at the end of chapter 3, which takes place in the same farplane abyss transfer area as the ending of chapter 5, where Yuna spends an uncomfortably long period sitting in the dark just begging you to press the action button

So if you did it before in chapter 3 (which is required if you want the good ending), it kinda makes sense to try it again in the same setting, at a similar time at the end of a chapter
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  3. How was anybody supposed to know to press X to avoid getting the Normal Ending?
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