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User Info: pendell

1 year ago#1
So I was hunting Ultimas in the PS2 version of the game last night. I didn't really find the answer I was looking for online, so I'm going to post my own results here:

1) Mighty Guard G DOES wear off, though it takes forever and you're almost certainly going to eat a supernova first. If your characters are low on HP, this is not a useful option.

2) Techniques that I have observed to work on Ultima under Mighty Guard G: Absorb, 1000 needles, spare change. I know that Darkness works from other people's experience but I did not test it myself. I tested all the raw damage blue bullets except Cry of the Night, which I do not yet have access to. I did not test any fractional damage or gravity-based attack, because I was sure Ultima was immune to those already.

Actually, it seems that almost everything in this game is immune to gravity. Did they change that in the later versions? But I digress.

3) The obvious go-to techniques for killing Ultima under Mighty Guard G are Darkness or Spare Change. If you don't like Dark Knights (I don't, for flavor reasons not for crunch) and you don't want to literally throw your money away, I would change the party to 3 gun mages and start hammering it with Absorb. Throw in Mighty Guard and White Wind and you're set. At my level, I am pulling 1600HP a pop. That will not only knock down Ultima's 32K HP in reasonable time, it will also heal the characters in the process -- though , again, this should only be attempted with characters with high HP to begin with, as it's probable this will drag out and Ultima will fire Supernova at least once.

As a bonus, you'll also knock Ultima down to MP 0, though this seems to have no effect whatsoever on its own attacks. I saw it still casting break at MP 0.


Brian P.

User Info: demonguardian

1 year ago#2
I wonder if you can dispel Mighty Guard G in some way. I don't really have easy access to Ultima Weapon or anyone who can cast Mighty Guard G so I can't test it right now. If I were to take a guess, it'd be a 'nope'. I don't really have much to add to your observations, but anyways:

1) You can probably make it wear off faster by setting the game on Fast and using abilities that take a long time to perform (but don't force Wait Time), like Black Sky, Moogle Beam/Cactling Gun and such. As for surviving Supernova, you can use Songstress' Magical Masque, things that reduce magic dmg or outright gives invincibility, so you don't strictly need high HP. If anything, I'm surprised you can tank Supernova with just high HP and shell (from your own MG). Then again, it is a learnable Blue Bullet skill. I'm probably thinking/having bad memories of Ultima's meaner cousin and his "Big Bang".

2) To add to your list, items and Two/Four Dice also deals special type dmg, so Alchemist and Lady Luck can be alternatives as well. Though if you're using LL, you're probably better off just using Congrats! Gunner's On the Level also deals special type dmg, but... it's kinda crappy. I suppose you can use it to start off a chain to boost your other skills (since it's not a charged skill), and it's still better than nothing by itself. Anyway, nice find about Absorb, I always thought it was magic dmg. Even Split's guide overlook this. Cry in the Night deals magic dmg, so it's nulled by Mighty Guard G.

As for your note, I have a feeling that gravity and fractional dmg are things that were implemented to work more against your party than in their favor, so that even a 'weak' enemy have a way to deal dmg/be threatening to the player. Pretty much everything worth using on is immune to them. And no, it's the same in the remakes.

Nothing really to add to 3. Except, maybe, ignoring the fight altogether by escaping/fleeing or equipping a Charm Bangle like most other random encounters.

Lastly, SinirothX's Enemy Encyclopedia mentions that Ultima Weapon has auto-spellspring, so yeah, dropping its MP doesn't do much. It's a source of MP to steal at best.

User Info: Kakuzatou

1 year ago#3
Status effect timers (like those applied by Mighty Guard G) only wear down during time spent in battle during Active mode when turn queue actions are not being animated. So if you're clogging the queue with stuff like Blue Bullets, Items, etc., Mighty Guard G is never going to wear off. Limiting your actions, prioritizing actions like Gunplay, Vigor, and forced Wait actions will ensure Mighty Guard G will wear off as soon as possible. You can also take advantage of Wait mode to at least halt Ultima Weapon's ATB during your own animations.

For surviving Supernova, it's very predictable when it will be used, and you can always jump into a special dressphere to take the hit.

A lot of enemies are vulnerable to gravity and fractional HP attacks, but it's true that unless you're very underleveled, your other attacks are usually stronger. They have a niche use, to be sure.

User Info: demonguardian

1 year ago#4
I stand corrected then. Apologies for the misleading info. Still, good to know for future reference.
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