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  3. How long/hard is the grind for Major Numerus?

User Info: finalrush7

1 year ago#1
I've beaten this game as a kid but had lots of trouble finishing the story.
Now I'm going for a 100% playthrough and wanted to ask how hard/long the grind is to be able to beat Major Numerus? I don't mind long grinding if it isn't too tedius. Also, I hope no needed item/equip is behind a terrible mini game...? I am NOT doing that lightning dodge challenge!

Thanks =)
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User Info: Kakuzatou

1 year ago#2
There's little to no grind. Acquire some way of applying invincibility (Hero Drinks, Last Resort, Excellence) and you can't really lose.

User Info: Insensitivity

1 year ago#3
Lightning dodge was in X, not X-2.

And yeah, doing it normally, you can go with what Kakuzatou mentioned. When I first did it, I just used creatures, which I think is much easier. I barely upgraded the creatures, and the bit that I did required almost no grinding, because they were easy drops from easy tournaments. I used Chocobo + Amorphous Gel to get through everything up to Shinra. Then Shinra + Chocobo pretty easily wipes Numerus with simple star-management. There are probably much better setups you can look up, but this is how I did it, and you can get both Chocobo + Amorphous Gel in chapter 1 to steamroll everything in your path.
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  3. How long/hard is the grind for Major Numerus?
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