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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

10 years ago#1
I've read the relevant FAQs, and searched numerous threads, but I didn't find what I was looking for. If it turns out to be in a FAQ, please point out my stupidity, so that I may tar and feather myself, and shout lines from romantic comedies.

I'm going through this game solo, and going for a 100%, Mascot playthrough.Now, I did the 100% EPCOM thing once before years ago, so my question is merely a point of curiousity. Back then, I followed the Bradygames guide to a tee(well, what it bothered to mention...), and I clearly remember getting one Calm Lands company to Lv5, switching right then, and getting the other company to 3 or 5, whatever was required for all the items, and staying with that company until the Ep5 EPCOM. IIRC, the guide insisted that PR points were reduced only when you went back to your previous company. As in, I get 400 points with Argent, leave, and the 400 remains while I rack up points with Open Air. And following the guide to a tee, I got the EPCOM with merged companies and the best prize tables.

It's not that big a deal, but I've been coming across conflicting information advising me to go BACK to the first company later, essentially requiring me to get 800 points for each company, when I distinctly recall not ever going back to the first company or ever playing a Calm Lands game before EPCOM. Is a lot of the advice outdated and/or incorrect, or (surprise surprise) was the Bradygames CH5 item list not the merged prize table, and I've lost my mind? Sadly, I don't have access to the guide anymore, so I can't cross-reference it firsthand.

Hardly a grave matter for my purposes, but the more I read on the matter, the more confused I get. Any insight would be much appreciated, especially such that points out my own errors.
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User Info: itirnitee

10 years ago#3
I'm going to make a brief fact list here before I elaborate.
1. Leaving a company to switch to the rival company cuts the initial company's points in half. There is no way to avoid this, and it happens always regardless of any other factor.
2. To achieve episode complete in the Calm Lands you only need one company to 400 points. You can do this easily without switch companies at all.
3. To achieve mascot you only need episode complete, which following from my previous point, you only need 400 points in one company, no switching required.
4. For 100% game completion percentage in one playthrough, you do not require both companies to achieve 400 points.
5. The *only* reason you need both companies at 400 points in one playthrough is solely for the purpose of having both companies have their item shops be accessible in Chapter 5. Each company has a Garment Grid that is uniquely located within each company's shop, so if you want both of those Garment Grids in one playthrough then it is mandatory. As stated previously, these Garment Grids are not necessary for Mascot, 100% in one playthrough, or episode complete in the Calm Lands. They also can be individually obtained in two separate playthroughs.

Further explanation...

If you want the availability of all items from both companies you have to reach both companies to 400 points each before entering Calm Lands in chapter 5. If only one company has 400 points, or more, when you enter the Calm Lands in chapter 5, it initiates episode complete and your chance is shot. This requires collecting a total of 1200 points (800 for one company >> cut in half to 400 >> then 400 for the rival company). This, however, is not required for Mascot or 100% in one playthrough, it is only required for receiving both Garment Grids in one playthrough ('Disaster In Bloom' and 'Flash of Steel'). Note, that you are still allowed to collect publicity points throughout Spira in Chapter 5, just don't enter the Calm Lands until you have both parties at 400 points each. However, this also means you need to get one company to 800 points and change to the rival company before ending Chapter 3, as you will not be able to do so in Chapter 4 for obvious reasons, and in Chapter 5 you cannot enter Calm Lands to switch Rivals without getting episode complete and ruining your chances. Unfortunately, this involves playing minigames to gain publicity points as there are not 800 points in Chapters 1 through 3 via campaigning. Note again, these points through minigames cannot be attained in Chapter 5 for reasons already stated, so do it early and plan ahead. There are only 290 points available through campaigning in Chapter 4 and 5 combined so be careful.

My advice is here:
>> Collect 715 points through publicity campaigning throughout Spira in Chapters 1 through 3.
>> Play minigames for 85 points (800 total)
>> Switch to rival company cutting points to 400 for initial company
>> Play minigames and get 110 points for new company (you might consider getting a bit more for a safety buffer just in case)
>> Collect last 290 points through publicity combined in Chapters 4 and 5
>> Enter Calm Lands in Chapter 5 for mission complete, both companies have 400 points each, and both Garment Grids are accessible.

Hope that made sense, best of luck. Ask for clarification if needed.

PR FAQ is here if needed: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps2/562386-final-fantasy-x-2/faqs/22781

User Info: WalkThruWalls

10 years ago#4
You can throw 1 agency some extra points by switching at the end of chapter 1 and collecting points again for the other agency, easier than playing minigames. Don't switch again in chapter 2 though, you'll actually end up with fewer points.

Use the PR Mission FAQ for best answers. Collect all points for 1 agency in CH.1.
Then switch and recollect all points for the other in CH.1 plus CH.2 & CH.3 (~700).
Play your agency's minigames in Calm Lands to get your points over 800.
Switch back to the first agency and collect points in CH.3 again (~360).
Play minigames again or collect points in CH.5 before visiting Calm Lands.

User Info: itirnitee

10 years ago#5
I also made an error with the Chapter 5 PR points, it's 265, not 290.


User Info: falconesque

10 years ago#6
Er, that's seems like a lotta work. Can't ya just get one company to 800 points by the end of Chapter 2 (takes a bit of gil, yes), switch, then get the other well over the 400 point mark before even reaching Chapter 5? I'm guessing you could skip all the switching (to save the gil?) and unlock every prize just fine, but frankly I haven't finished that run yet (zalamander down, cgi next).

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User Info: itirnitee

10 years ago#7
Collect points by campaigning is faster I would say time-wise, but playing the minigames is more mindless. I can play the Sky Slots with a controller in hand and not even look at the screen. In other words, watch a movie or surf youtube videos.

Basically, just depends which method you prefer...

User Info: drclaeys

10 years ago#8

I think you have to be REALLY careful, and follow the guild, and find the people, and say the RIGHT thing every time. Which you have to do from the first minute of the game.

OR play a mini game.

I think I did this ONLY once. With sky slots. I THINK you just jam the buttons over and over... loosing and loosing, But I THINK you go up level after level, so you can play for MORE money... and finally, you can play for a LOT. which means you can loose ALOT. but you get points for all the money you spend.

Just put some other TV next to your GAME tv, and with in an hour, I think you have it. No the most fun, but It is do-able.

Of course you need ALOT of money for this. so thats also part of the formula. But with fighting you get lots of other benefits. Like EXP. and Dress Spheres filled out.

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User Info: falconesque

10 years ago#9
Collect points by campaigning is faster I would say time-wise...

Agreed, and by the end of Chapter 2 you can get one company to 480 points, push that company to 800 points via minigames (Sky Slots is truly mindless with minimal keystrokes, raw button-mashing yes, oohm ;j), then switch, repoll Chapter 2 with the second company, and keep going from there without further minigame play.

One switch, not a long grind, though it still costs that one goodly chunk of gil. Not one or the other method, but both. And not for a first run, while gil is still a precious commodity.

Pretty sure I'd already topped 400 with the second company by the end of Chapter 3. Haven't hit Calm Lands yet in Chapter 5, so I'm honestly not sure.
Guides and other contributions: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/
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