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User Info: Jezusx

8 years ago#1
Ok guys i'll start playing chaos legion for the first time ever after finishing with a third person shooter any tips or things i should know before playing? i don't want to miss anything also how long is this game? if you beat the 100%

User Info: New_Birdman

8 years ago#2
It's known to be very difficult starting a new game for the first time. The truth is it's not difficult really, just a matter of understanding the mechanics.

If you've played DMC, while it's not the same game, it does share some common action game features with CL.

Common mistakes are mashing and getting destroyed during recovery, not knowing what enemy types and weakness are, and crappy use of Legions. I'll list as many good points as I can think of.

About using Sieg.
1 - Don't mash the attack button.
2 - Your sword combo can be cancelled out with rolling or a jump. Use it to shorten recovery and move.
3 - The final slash cannot be cancelled out of.
4 - You start off with a 4-hit combo, but will be upgraded.
5 - Rolling, like in DMC series, has invincibility frames, so you can safely go through enemy attacks. Just watch out as the roll recovers where the i-frames will end.
6 - Other attacks and actions have small i-frames, but they're not so useful to say right now.
7 - You learn moves from Legions, which can used during sword combo.
8 - Assist attacks are calling out the legion to do a short attack, these can also be chained into your sword combo. They also have a small amount of i-frames during start-up.
9 - You have 2 jumping sword attacks from the start. If you attack immediately after jumping you get the spin slash. This can knock down small enemies. If you delay the attack you get a downward slash that hits multiple times.
10 - Circle will throw an energy ball that will encase enemies in electricity. This is basically Lock-on. You can now strafe around them. This will also act as Lock-on for Legions.

About Legions.
1 - If you summon them, Sieg can only walk.
2 - Generally don't walk around with them letting them get smashed. Many make this mistake.
3 - You can send them away anytime. Do this if you see them about to take a big hit.
4 - Certain Legions are more effective against certain enemy types.
5 - Press Triangle while they are not summoned to use an assist attack. Each have different properties.
6 - You get EXP to level them up and learn moves and get stat bonuses, legion number, attack and defense.
7 - You can put them in attack or defense mode. Defense mode is useless in my opinion.
8 - In attack mode they will move around and attack as they please, but pressing triangle will cause them to use their Force attack. this is their special better attack where they attack with a different animation.
9 - Defense means they will stay close to you and not attack unless you command them to.
10 - The circle button Lock-on will cause all Legions to focus on that enemy.

About enemies
1 - There are metal and organic types. You want to use the right Legion. Some people don't realize this and sit there beating an enemy with sword attacks not doing much damage.
2 - There are enemy generators. These have high defense and are usually heavily guarded. You can keep killing enemies to wear them out, which will strip away their defense, or you can attack the generator directly.
3 - The easy way to defeat generators and this will save you some real pain, is to stay back with Malice (crossbow), and attack the metal tip on top of the generator. to aim with Malice you need to hold down triangle.

User Info: New_Birdman

8 years ago#3
Can't think much more about them. The types is the most important thing. If it's organic, Sieg can damage it well. You can tell by looking at them most of the time, like laser cannons and metallic spike balls. You will hear a metal sound when hitting them.

Counter Hits
This is where you interrupt and enemy attack with your own. You will see a different hit effect and the enemy will take way more damage, and stop them or smash them down. Be careful when starting new because although you can counter more powerful enemies, you won't stop their attack. You will need higher attack power. Counters get you higher EXP too.

About 100%.
Not much really. There's a hidden Legion that you can always return to search for unless you enter the final stage.

There are some hidden stat items that can't be missed too. You can always replay levels.
The only thing you can miss is getting the highest ranks. You can't play the very first stage ever again, so you need to get the rank. After stage 12 the game changes previous levels to harder versions. This is called Side B, and the ranks will change to Side B requirements meaning you need to get all the ranks on Side A before B or you never can in that game.

There's no new game plus but, say you don't want to get all those ranks now, because they require a bit of work. After beating the game one of the things you unlock is the Total Results which will display all your ranks. The good thing is even if you missed Side A last time, it will just record them on your new game Side A to the same Results screen. The game will overwrite any ranks with your better ranks.

If you want to level up all legions fully you will need to put some time in, but I'm really not how many hours. If you play well you should be able to get through quite fast, but that's just my guess.

Think I've covered the most important stuff. Just ask here if you have any problems.

User Info: ecthel1412

8 years ago#4
I also have some advice, if you want to make a nice clear record.

-Don't get any Soul Max Up. Because unlike Life, Sieg's Soul always start at 100 regardless of his max Soul. This mean if you have more Soul, you'll have to spend more time building your Soul back to maximum to achieve best rank for Soul.

-Beside of the first stage, Stage 11 side A also require you to get the highest rank in the first time if you want to do that. Because this stage's boss will change when you come back.

This is just my experience after getting AAA+ for every stages, and I think they might be missed...

User Info: nihil_ex

8 years ago#5
Actually having a higher max soul doesn't have much impact on chasing ranks, there isn't any stage in which grinding for soul is required to fill it up by the end of the stage unless assists are used too liberally.
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User Info: New_Birdman

8 years ago#6
Pretty much. Blasphemy builds soul like nothing else, and with Perfect Thanatos you won't need to assist at all in most cases.

The idea is valid though, as low soul stat would be easier to fill. The thing is the ranks are designed to be achievable, so there's no need to do this if you play right and don't waste soul.

If someone did want to do this though, starting a new game would be fine since the total results is a system thing meaning it doesn't need to be done in the same save file.

The only stage where it's a pain to fill up is the final stage, and that's only if you're using a maxed out Perfect. It's only a small problem on this stage because it's only boss fights and although there's enemies you really need to plan within the time limit.

Totally forgot about stage 11, thanks ecthel1412.

Animerox what are you up to these days?

User Info: ecthel1412

8 years ago#7
hmm...perhaps it's just me...when I tried to get AAA+ before, I often stuck with Sieg's Soul wasn't full while I've reached the limit for clear time (I had 1500 max soul at that time). This happened in stage 4 and 12 side B. So I tried to replay with low soul and this time, things are easier for me.

My skill is still bad... T_T

User Info: sunzi

8 years ago#8
Stage 9 Side-A can only played once as well since it's Arcia's stage, and it's a little annoying since Arcia's playstyle is different from Sieg's.. It's auto Side-B when Sieg goes back to it after getting the stage selector. So that makes it a total of 3 first-time-only stages.
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User Info: New_Birdman

8 years ago#9
ecthel1412, when you attempted your side B ranks, did you have Perfect Thanatos? Having him limits the amount of soul you use because he can smash anything.

Did you have maxed out legions too? On stage 4 as I remember, you can take Malice and fight those fast metal things at the start of the stage before the 4 targets appear. It's easy to get a a lot of soul meter right there. Then just run to each corner and lock on Thanatos to a target. He smashes the target and his attack hits the enemies near it for more soul.

Knowing some good counters will limit soul usage, and they build soul quite well too.

sunzi, I don't think you should worry about Arcia's stage because that result will go to her total results, which can be done in a new game when you play as her.

User Info: sunzi

8 years ago#10
I think it's a small detail to note though. Even if it's on her record sheet, it's still a one-time pass. It would be easier to get AAA+ when starting as her, but what happens if the player doesn't want to play through again? Either way, you only get one shot at that stage.
Now playing: LasRem - SOIAO Ransatsu. Chaos Legion (PS2/PC), FF Reishiki
Hoyt GMX 23", SF Premium Carbon 28lbs, 8125, Easton XX75 1416
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