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User Info: AlwaysInADream

4 years ago#1
Since this board is slow and a lot of topics archive without a response.

Which boss is the hardest?
Sky Canyon's, probably. Nothing afterward can one-shot you, anyway. I always thought that was a total BS move.

Unlock conditions for True Area 53
It's been a long time, but I don't believe the order matters. You might have to clear Final Zone again as Sonic after collecting the emeralds?
This really baffled the community for a while. The 'Cheats' section actually used to claim you would need to collect all emeralds as a randomly-selected number of characters. Who came up with that theory?

16-bit graphics
This. isn't actually a question and technically got a sort of answer already. but. i wanted to comment.
Bitword size isn't as useful a benchmark as you've been led to believe, of anything at all but especially not graphics. Handheld systems in general have pretty awful graphics compared to ostensibly equally-powerful consoles. In games like Sonic that are more stylized than realistic, art design makes way more of a difference than console specs.

Can I skip this for 3?
Yeah, you're fine. Sonic games have never cared about continuity. Sonic 3 & Knuckles isn't even consistent with itself.

Are the Sun and Moon chao real?
I can't recall ever having seen them, but I'll note that no egg appears in the shop if there's already an egg in the garden, and no egg in the garden hatches if there's already a Chao in the garden. Also, that FAQ appears to be multi-game, so it's possible they only appeared in a particular edition of the Tiny Chao Garden.

This board is dead...
Yep. You get that with your 12 year old handheld games.

... Chao Garden ring count not increasing? (I think that's what you're asking...)
If you did clear your save file and get affected by That Glitch, transferring your rings to a Sonic Adventure game will fix it. If that's even what the issue is...

Unlocking Shadow
It's not a thing. I arbitrarily choose to blame Ultimate Flash Sonic for causing this belief.

AR code for TCG ring count
I cannot hecking believe that I legitimately used to say "transgendered" as recently as 2012. (For the record, it's just "transgender". No "-ed".)
... and no, past me, I haven't found one yet. Mind, I stopped looking a long time ago, too.

Any reason not to spam square fruit?
Not unless you super want to raise stamina, no. And if you're transferring your Chao back to a Sonic Adventure game, you probably don't.
Your Chao can run away if its mood stays too low too long, but interacting with it in any way will make it change its mind.
I'm a girl, she/her/hers... I'll come up with something actually interesting to put here later. You know, maybe.
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