I'll never forget how bad this game was

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User Info: Will446

2 years ago#1
See the headline? Back when the game was released popular board users here as well as moderators protected this board from anything wrong being said about this game. You couldn't comment in any way how negative the game is.

I remember people would ask about this game and if it was good during launch and even I came to ask. All you would see if Moderator take downs and only good reviews remained. I decided to buy this game full priced and it was at the time the most expensive MMO and the MMORPG that raised the monthly limit to what we now know today.

It was bad, really bad. Even saying anything negative for years could result in a ban famous users here would patrol and make sure nothing bad was being said, that being said they are still here today watching.

I remember six months down the line this game was selling for 99 cents. This game was that worthless as it was less than a dollar at Best Buy.

It was so bad it couldn't even go free2play.

If you ever see a thread on Gamefaqs and its apart of a popular series that could have fanboys here on gamefaqs remember if you see a bunch of staff take downs don't trust what you see here. Look elsewhere on YouTube or even Steam Forums as people are allowed to comment more freely on bad products.
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  3. I'll never forget how bad this game was

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