let the pain stop.

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User Info: atari2600dude

9 years ago#1
want to return so bad yet it no longer exists. miss the game so bad. thats the great thing about single player games can alway go back. get hooked on mmo will miss the game alot when games shut down.

User Info: kou urake

kou urake
9 years ago#2
I'm with you. Sure, many of my closest friends from MXO are with me in LOTRO - itself a quality game. But I miss that city... those simple but enjoyable missions... that great combat... bullet time... my character's signature olive suit, the arsenal of weapons I'd amassed... all gone.
Wait a minute. He wasn't lying! This isn't even a polygraph. Its a seismograph. We've been having an EARTHQUAKE.

User Info: Radomir101

9 years ago#3
I miss this game a lot was on syntax for almost 2 years and was there at the end met a lot of people trying LOTRO which I'm starting to enjoy a lot
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