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User Info: khornedeadra

10 years ago#1

was this game fun? like compared to games like wow and warhammer.

User Info: kou urake

kou urake
10 years ago#2
I haven't played any mmos other than MXO, and for a few days now, LOTRO. MXO was, overall, lacking in things to do, but what it did have, it did well. The combat system was quite impressive, and there was a lot of flexibility in terms of character development - you weren't ever stuck down one path.

Above all else, its storyline presentation was unlike any other game out there. In the usual 6 week patch cycle, you got:

* A cinematic cutscene (not counting budget cuts from chapters 10.1-11.2)
* Five critical missions per organization.
* One live event per weekday, on one of the three servers.
* Other static content introduced at the start of the patch.

Now, on live events... these were the best. Behind the major storyline characters was a human being, acting and communicating in character, and in real time.
Wait a minute. He wasn't lying! This isn't even a polygraph. Its a seismograph. We've been having an EARTHQUAKE.

User Info: kou urake

kou urake
10 years ago#3
It wasn't for everyone, but if it was, it got its hooks into you. I played on a regular basis from around this time in 2005, until they shut it down on July 31. I walk away from it with plenty of fond memories, and some of the best friends I could ever hope to meet.
Wait a minute. He wasn't lying! This isn't even a polygraph. Its a seismograph. We've been having an EARTHQUAKE.

User Info: ganon445

10 years ago#4
No it was flawed. Even if you had a good system at the time it forced you to have a set requirements just to play it to promote graphics cards.

This game was so bad when it was released Gamefaqs had a General Rule you couldn't say anything negative about the game because as a mod stated, "too many people are complaining"

I was one of those years ago who came here and asked if it was good. Tons of Modded messages and all that was left were positive reviews. I bought this game full price, three months later you could find this game being sold for 99cents.

I'll never forgive those who refused to let the truth be known and ask anyone whose been here, I've been here since the start and my dedication is solid.

User Info: RVallant

10 years ago#5
It was good, especially after the combat improvements. But the lack of a tangiable story (it was ongoing not structured and built upon as time expanded) and the lack of things to do really killed it.

I always thought it had massive potential just never really got that potential tapped into.

User Info: Modhiri

10 years ago#6
For the first year, it had a novelty sort of 'fun' to it with the freedom of class choices, combat effects, an excellent RP community and, well, high-jumping. It was also extremely solo-friendly which was both a blessing and a curse (you could literally solo everything the game had to offer at the time in two months or less).

Unfortunately, it was also horribly balanced, group mechanics actively discouraged people from working together (the social aspect was the only reason anyone grouped up at all), the combat mechanics were poorly implemented, market features simply didn't work properly... There's a lot more to say but to summarize, beyond the community, the game was an absolute mess.

It got better after that first year with some heavy patching but by then, it was too little, too late.
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