And so ends The Matrix Online

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User Info: Mystery_Cooper

8 years ago#11

From: jaddavie2003 | #009
Actually, I was making a joke about being a bit in denial. I won't really be trying to log back in, lol.

Oh. >_>
Brawl was released a year ago and it does everyone Melee does but better. - LunaOrngeCrush5

User Info: Bedman

8 years ago#12
My launcher already downloaded the full game. I got the Collector's Edition (found it for the same price as the regular on eBay) and it took care of downloading the extra stuff. I've already hit level 10 with my hunter, Oniravel. Selendal and Simali are my other two characters.

I tried making Stack as well, but as always, that name is already taken :(
Bedman: Mattress of the Universe

User Info: ReInCaRNaTeDOnE

8 years ago#13
Ah. Yeah, I tried LOTRO for a month or so. Nice visuals, great quest and story system but... well, eventually I got tired of it. There just wasn't much to do outside of questing. And the PvMP was a joke.

I'm an EVE Online addict. Been playing off and on for a year or so. It's a fix I can never get away from. And right now, it burns so good. :)
Denzel could sit down and read the Webster's Dictionary, and it would be one of the most compelling movies in the last 50 years. -FastNFurious

User Info: ExiledParagon

8 years ago#14
Goodbye MxO, thing won't be the same without you.

-Haelios, The Illuminati, Vector-Hostile
Last movie seen: Babel 9/10
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