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User Info: Kravo

11 years ago#1
I got this game free from other purchases

I did this hex edit cheat over 1.1 patch.

file: data.dat

goto 5BB9 EF60

You will notice this section about the Sylvant custom character creation data.
overwrite the number (text/ASC, not binary) like:
Character Attribute Maximum Total=41
to something like
Character Attribute Maximum Total=69

you can try fool around those Character Attributes/(PE) Perception=5,1,10
to something like
=default, min, max

only attempt to overwrite the data, instead of insert new digit, like 9->10 (1 extra digit), can screw the file compression, and game wont start.

I also chg the max 3 Tagged Skills to 6, forgot where is that section, just try do a search on text "Tagged Skills" like that and fool around, the wordings should be very obvious.

Have fun.

User Info: Kravo

11 years ago#2
btw, you best backup the data.dat to somewhere else, incase you screwed up the file
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