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User Info: _ironmaiden

10 years ago#1
1. Can you play with bots?
2. Can you play the story mode co op?
3. Can you play with bots with a friend in multiplayer?
4. Are the multiplayer maps big?
5. Can you drive vehicles?
6. Can you play in first person and/or third person?
7. is it gory?
8. Can you customize your character?
9. Can you pick or weapon before spawning or is there classes?
10. is it like free roaming or mission or mission but free roaming on the map?
11. is the replayability high?
12. on the gamecube version, can you play with 4 people?
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User Info: smeghead83

10 years ago#2
1= yes you can play with bots,
2= no you cannot :( (unless you mod the PC version i guess ;p )
3= yes you can play with bots and friend in multiplayer
4= some maps are small and get insane, others are very very big
5= only in single player
6= guns our 1st person, lightsaber 3rd person
7= you can chop off limbs, but its not gory at all
8= in multiplayer you can to a certain length
9= you can pick weapon typs in options before a match, but its normally all of them
10= free roaming on maps, you have to get from A to B, but its up to you how you do it.
11= replayability is high, as sabering up stormtroppers NEVER gets old
12= yes i think you can
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