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User Info: Christophee

6 months ago#91
E BOMB posted...
Finally got er to 100 god taxi is so boring..... 29 hrs gameplay

At first I read that as 100 fares, and wondered how that could take 29 hours. Now that would be boring...
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User Info: E BOMB

6 months ago#92
Haha didn't even think of that

User Info: E BOMB

5 months ago#93
No the taxi only FEELS like 29 hours
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: Cornwallace

5 months ago#94
I still do taxi for funsies, listening to the radio Tower Defense Game ~ Greenlit on Steam!@~!

User Info: Blank O

Blank O
5 months ago#95
It's not a party if you don't jump the fountain.
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User Info: FooFightersFan

5 months ago#96
I still do taxi for funsies, listening to the radio

I found the taxi to be more fun in Liberty. Vice is flat and boring, and I hate those damn people that want to be dropped off at the beach. The nitrous boost in San Andreas actually made the taxi mission worthwhile. Plus, that game is so big that the taxi missions help you learn each city.

Pimping mission on the other hand, that's one I always dread. It's like taxi except you can't do five fares here and there and come back to it. It involves a lot of pay n spraying to keep the ride in good condition. I suppose Paramedic is most definitely worse, but at least with Paramedic you get the wonderful benefit of infinite run (in Vice) or max health (in SA).

What I do for funsies, or rather what I used to do, was start a new game and get all the hidden packages. I can get the first 55 packages with 100% consistency in Vice City. On the second island I'm probably able to get 35 reliably. I should try to get them all off memory sometime.

User Info: WarGreymon77

5 months ago#97
I hate trying to get around the damn airport area roads. Too many walls.
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User Info: E BOMB

5 months ago#98
Wow that's a good idea I wonder how many packages I could get from memory.

User Info: solid_kush

5 months ago#99
Vice City topic!!!!!
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User Info: FooFightersFan

5 months ago#100
It's only been a few days but I'll give this topic a bump and claim the 100th post.

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