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User Info: BurritoChimp

9 years ago#1
Apparently this game has nudity and you cant get them naked....but so far, that isnt true
anyone know how:/

User Info: Snake3232

9 years ago#2
You horny little man

User Info: IEstormrider666

9 years ago#3
AFAIK, the closest you can get to nudity in this game without hacking is to look through a see-through visor, but even then, any sensitive bits are censored out with a little star...

User Info: Snake3232

9 years ago#4
He is a horny boy over cartoons, my advice firstly is u want naked hoes look up real babes, second u could probably check the character names for naked pics on the Net

User Info: Glock_Powdered

9 years ago#5
^ Troll.

We here all know that real women can never compare with the ones in DOAX. Pixellated perfection beats imperfect real girls.
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User Info: Jocko

9 years ago#6
You have to mod your Xbox. Then you have to apply a patch that makes all the suits invisible and then apply a patch that nude textures on the girls. It's a bit of a process.
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