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  3. Here we lament the fact that the 360 version was not as good.

User Info: Glock_Powdered

9 years ago#1

In this game, the breasts were perfect. They behaved like a firm bosom with proper support from an excellent bra or swimsuit would behave, bouncing together in perfect unison with just the right amount of weight to them. I would press down on my controller for hours before my character would serve just to stare longingly at that up and down animation which was done so perfectly. When I would have a *****y day at school and the kids had been particularly harsh in their ridicule, I would also be consoled by the fact that I would have this game to come back to and relax.

But what do we get in Xtreme 2? Breasts which bounce in random directions out of sync with one another with the weight of sandbags in complete disregard for the laws of physics or the nature in which real breasts actually behave. (I would know, I have seen and played with a pair once so I consider myself a bit of an authority on the matter). I gotta say, it MADE THE GAME HARD TO PLAY. I don't know about you guys, but DOAX has by far the best breasts.

This game was the breast, breastest game ever.

I have to keep original Xbox just because it's not backwards compatible, that is how much this game means to my life.
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User Info: torque800

9 years ago#2
dude.... er... keep it up!!!!!XD (no pun intendedXD)

User Info: DAH_Joe

9 years ago#3
I'm keeping this game for the breasts. Other then that I don't really like it...I'll keep playing for their breasts! woot!
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User Info: tvcom2

9 years ago#4
Boy you need therapy. I suggest calling Dr. Phil. Seriously.

User Info: Glock_Powdered

9 years ago#5
Lol, therapy schmerapy, I quit that **** like a year ago and I stopped taking the meds they gave me because I don't feel like they did anything. I don't think we were made to take pills like they want us to and really it's all a big conspiracy to rape our wallets and try to convince us that we are crazy.

I flipped my therapist the bird and I find comfort in this game instead. I doubt Dr. Phil has even heard of this game, feel sorry for that sucker.
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User Info: MikeStutter

9 years ago#6
What the hell are you talking about? The breasts are PERFECT in 360. They NEED to bounce randomly in different directions. I don't want realistic breasts in my games. I want them fantasy like.

User Info: SpaceXoDDity

9 years ago#7
You guys are scary.

User Info: IEstormrider666

9 years ago#8
I honestly think the only real thing wrong with DOAX2 was the breasts... not that they bounce independently (I thought that was great), I just have a problem with *how* bouncy the girls were. There's definitely potential in independent jiggling, Tecmo just had the "bounce-o-meter" set too high...

tl;dr: more subdued jiggling = more enjoyable experience.


9 years ago#9
Agree and I was also pretty disappointed that they only had the button sensitivity control scheme rather than splitting the buttons between light and hard. My wife and I played this game for hours and I never got tired of making Kasumi eat sand (Hitomi ftw).
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  3. Here we lament the fact that the 360 version was not as good.
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