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User Info: Jocko

9 years ago#31
Yes you'll have to keep at it. I recommend you get a bunch of money for Kasumi, at least 300,000. Then you'll have to gift the crap out of Ayane. It's tough because each day doesn't guarantee those items on the list to be in the store so you'll have to resort to other items that Ayane might like. Her favorite color is purple so if you can gift her some purple items such as flowers, shoes, nail polish ect that will help as well. You may want to play through a vacation of Kasumi and just use the vacation to collect gifts and then start another vacation with her and then finally give all those gifts to Ayane. Eventually you'll melt Ayane's icy heart :)
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User Info: torque800

9 years ago#32
icy heart, indeed. i mean, who could stay mad at kasumi?^^

User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
9 years ago#33
Well seiing how someone is marking things off-topic over at the DOAX boards...I may launch a bit of a game here, that I had planned for there.

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User Info: Aries489

9 years ago#34
Bump. DOA paradise for psp woot!
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