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User Info: UnholyNinjaDude

9 years ago#11
bcause it is.
Oh god. I love you Unholy Ninja Dude., Squirrel In My Pants

User Info: gameguy2500

9 years ago#12
"Wow this place is alive again?

How many people even have an Xbox still hooked up to the TV?"

^I have my xbox hooked up still, and it is frequently used.
Don't even ****in' think about checking out my Resident Evil fan site.

User Info: SpaceXoDDity

9 years ago#13
If only the physics in DOAX2 was like this game...

User Info: davyheinz

9 years ago#14
I support!

DOAX2 is just... not this game. O.o
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User Info: torque800

9 years ago#15
aye, aye.

User Info: CatMuto

9 years ago#16
I haven't played either of them really - I did buy X2 several months ago, but since I have no money to buy a used 360 which still costs a lot, I'm thinking of buying a used XBOX and this game.

Too bad that this place is starting to die - the game is wonderful! The graphics are nice, the jiggle is really much less annoying than in X2.
If it weren't for the mini-games and nicer colors in X2, I'd say XBV is the better one of the games.


User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
9 years ago#17
I was curious what was going on in here.....What kills me is that I;m on my 3rd 360. It gets so hard restarting DOAX.

This game was again hardly great, but the bathing suits had some winners and actually looked like what they were named after (if you know what I mean).

I still own my original XBOX. Work fine. Got some games I need to start on it even.

Just keeping this one active post alive.....

User Info: torque800

9 years ago#18
i'm also playing the 1rst right now. god, it'll be a long time before i see the complete collections!!!XD
so funny, my gf can't stand the japanese voices (during the matches) anymore!!!!!"XD

User Info: Snake3232

9 years ago#19
wow cant believe people keepin this forum alive

User Info: Snake3232

9 years ago#20
Snake3232 posted...
wow cant believe people keepin this forum alive

Lol , i cant believe I kept this thread alive myself and i aint even played the game
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