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User Info: siaynoqq

12 years ago#1
I saved inside the caravan in sasha's brain tumbler experiment ('advanced training') then turned off my game. when i reloaded it i was outside the caravan but the door to it was closed. I can't seem to get back in with the door closed (it was open when i initially went in, before the save). Is there a way to open it that I am missing or is it being closed a glitch?

This is really frustrating :\

(I am playing the ps2 version, if it matters)

User Info: THJ1313

12 years ago#2
There might be a yellow alien like creature near by try talking to it (it should be able to teleport you). If all else fails use the smelling salts to exit the level and reenter it hopefully that'll help you.

User Info: siaynoqq

12 years ago#3
i tried both teleporting and using smelling salts and re-entering and the door was still closed. ugh!

User Info: tyranasauROSS

12 years ago#4
Huh, I dunno what to say? Razputin's Domain forums or the official Doublefine forums might have some more info that may help. You might just have to restart the game or try a earlier save?
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