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User Info: HVPinc

12 years ago#1

Does it happen to any one else where midway through a level Raz's clothes will turn green and just stay that way unless u reload?

Its kinda' annoying.

User Info: THJ1313

12 years ago#2
It's indeed a glitch that sometimes happens when you exit the pause menu that his clothes will become the color of that menu. It's a bit annoying but sadly there's no real known cure except a restart.

User Info: MarcusRaven86

12 years ago#3
I think its neat. Doesn't seem to ruin any gameplay, and gives him a new look. It happened to me when I left the Brain Tumbler Experiment for the first time.
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User Info: AnotherSomebody

12 years ago#4
So I'm NOT the only one...
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User Info: Hammer_Magic

12 years ago#5
It happens to everyone if you play it on a 360. It happens if you pause. It's not that bad. I like to think of it as an alternate costume or something. Just keep playing, and eventually Raz returns to his normal colors.

User Info: The Ultramind12

The Ultramind12
12 years ago#6
For me, his clothes seem to almost always be a really light blue color. Not solid light blue, it still has all the lines and folds and such. For a while, I thought that was normal, until I noticed in the cutscenes that his outfit's brown.
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User Info: phoenix1289

12 years ago#7
Is there any real problems with gameplay on the 360?
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User Info: THJ1313

12 years ago#8
There have been no major complaints from gameplay on the 360 supposedly it's as smooth as the Xbox original.
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