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User Info: slyklam

11 years ago#1
So I'm on the 3rd(?) level in sims known as "Party Animals" and I seem to have trouble moving out with a sim. I decided to move out with Betty and so I completed all the other goals as well as getting betty to a high friendship level (+84, note that I tried getting to love +100 as well but didn't work). I managed to throw a raging party and asked betty but for some reason she refused and then the
party ended. I then threw another party and this was what I did in the second party in details. " Put on a formal suit. Cooked 2 plates of grilled food and 1 plate of served dinner. Turned on TV and radio. Got myself to 3 green bars (happiness bars?) Called on the Phone for party invitation. Turned on Aromatic. Greeted the guests. Chatted with betty. Ate food until max hunger. Played guitar for a couple green pluses. Went into the hot tub. Got "THIS PARTY ROCKS". Asked Betty to be roommate."

Unfortunately she still refused. I tried this again for a few times and still haven't been accepted as a roommate. Please help me with this.

PS. Dudly was at 1 green bar of happiness but I don't think that matters. Also I tried going for 4 bars of happiness for my own sim (This is max happiness btw) but it didn't work.

User Info: abler2005

11 years ago#2
Did you check the board faqs by Co. Mustang; in the board faqs; both of us describe the ragging party thing and how to get through it.

But I do know what you are talking about and I guess I will tell you how to tell if Betty is in a good mood.

1. She has to have gone to the bathroom after eating.

2, Read the info box that pops up after she refuses because it will tell you why she is refusing to let you move in with her.

Generally it is because she wants to either Watch T.V., play a video game, or dance and do some fun stuff to raise her entertainment level all the way up.

If you have her sit and watch T.V. with your Sim the day before you do a party; also feed her till she is full and let her use the toilet.

When she comes back over in the next few days to the party; her entertainment level should be all the way full.

Then all you do is through the party; chat with her for a few seconds and pop the question to see if she will let you move in.

You can also wait on that same day and make sure she is first at the door; have all foods up and ready. Then after she arrives. greet her and throw a party and then ask her the minute the party starts.

There are so many ways to get this accomplished; but the main thing is her moods must of been low to have refused your Sim.

So make sure that they are up. You only need to fill her needs to get her to say yes.

User Info: Colonel_Mustang

11 years ago#3
In addition, Dudley's mood will affect the mood of your guests if you allow them to socialise with him. Try to get his mood just as high as your sim's and even then, try not to let him socialise (getting his mood up is a precaution). Try and hold your party as early as possible to avoid it ending abruptly, and in case it does, you will have time to try to make another party (given that your sims have adequate moods).

User Info: Colonel_Mustang

11 years ago#4
Mini FAQ:

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