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User Info: Janniesmom

11 years ago#1
I just won a copy of the original sims game on eBay and was wondering if anyone comes to this board anymore if I need help

User Info: abler2005

11 years ago#2
Yes we do come here to answer any and all questions. Plus there is a board walkthrough that was created by C. Mustung and myself to help people with the Frat house party.

Most anything you do need to know is in it. So if you do have a question; I am sure Mustang will be happy to answer it.

User Info: Colonel_Mustang

11 years ago#3
I sure will be! So would abler! Anyway, I don't think I'm gonna come on that often anymore (for on topic purposes, I will continue this in the social)

User Info: nomad_mu

11 years ago#4
I'm still here too, I just don't get to get online much anymore...

Dino Dial up sucks...

soon I'll be able to get on more often.
There is no such thing as overkill, just sufficient fire power...
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  3. Anyone still come here??
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