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User Info: ScarletCape

4 months ago#1
Since it seem that posts on Fishing are old an now archived, I thought I would post some of my thoughts on fishing. I am playing on the PS2.

Lure Pole vs. Bait Pole:
When beginning the game I mainly used the bait pole. When I reached the point where I could recruit the lure girl I shifted to mainly using the lure pole. Why you ask? For one thing you will find you'll generally catch larger fish with the lure pole. Some of you are thinking that you can't catch every fish with it. While this is true you will find that to win the fish contest you'll want to focus on Kaji, Baku Baku , and Baron Mardon. If you want to breed all the different combinations you will have to use the bait pole some.
Which lure do I use?
I am finding that I only really need to use the minnow and fork. Both have the same technique. RLRLX pause and do it again. The minnow catches the fish you want to focus on for the weight contest. The fork is for Mardon baron at the Helm Rada spring. Remember to use the same technique as the minnow. After you do the pattern pause for a couple of seconds. I also use the x instead of the square so that I don't out reel the fish. When you get a hit you'll see a red exclamation point. Press the left analog stick down like when you get a hit on the bait rod. I might also add that the technique is done with the left analog stick. Press right, press left, press right, and hit the x. Pause a few seconds then start the technique again.
What are good fishing spots? If you want to focus on Baku Baku the swamp monster pond is great. You can also run over to the Mardon hole at midnight and use your bait pole and a poison apple and catch a few of those until 4 am. I have had good luck with the cove where Shingara Village is. You can catch Kaji, Hama Hama, and the other sea faring fish here with regularity.
How do I level up the lure pole?
I began at the Swamp Monster pond and leveled up to around 20 on flight, resistance, and luck. Then I worked at the bottom of Star Light canyon. Finally I went to the Shingara Village cove.
How do I raise a good racing fish?
Right now I have a Negie with tenacity, stamina, endurance, and boost in thirties with stamina being 46. These stats will give you a great beginner class fish. I won that class easily. My feeling is that I need to get him up to where those stats are in the 40s or 50s to do well in the next class up. Then raise them 20 points higher for each upper class. I feed my fish every time I finish a dungeon. I also did some breeding to raise the stats. I am working on raising a female fishes stats up close to the Negie and breeding them to see if I can get a a fish with higher stats.
I will keep you updated on more things I find out or discover. If anyone had thoughts or ideas I'd certainly welcome them. Happy gaming!

User Info: phantomzyrus

2 months ago#2
I'm just glad to see I'm not the only person completely obsessed with the fish in this game. Best side-meta ever.
Please add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Zyrus_Smith/
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