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User Info: Darkantuan

1 year ago#1
Throwing the bombs back at him does like 2 or 3 damage maximum and whenever the boss jumps up and I kill the smaller enemies he always lands on me and takes half my health, like he gravitates toward me as he drops.

I tried 3 times, and got knocked out in less than 60 seconds every one of them.

User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
1 year ago#2
When you hit Halloween with one of its own bombs, do you then proceed to whack away with your wrench? Or at least fire your gun at it? It should look dizzy or something, and while it's like that, that's your opportunity to strike.
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User Info: Quitstaring

1 year ago#3
oh man, just you wait OP. In this game, bosses themselves arent all that threatening, and there are regular monsters that are way way more dangerous than just about any boss. Elementals can easily 2 hit you with their melee double attacks (which do far more damage than just about any other enemy type i have come acrossed). Any monster that can inflict stop is also dangerous and if caught without items to either prevent it or heal the effect, can easily kill one of your characters. Those are just a couple of examples.

User Info: jisher

1 year ago#4
I suck at throwing the bombs back, so I just use the Ridepod.

User Info: dsaddict

1 year ago#5
The Halloween boss was the toughest for me in the main story because of the throwing mechanic. Oftentimes right before I throw it on his face he would deploy an explosive which would cancel out the damage.
That one time where he brings out the mobs is annoying since there isn't much finesse you can pull off casually against severely populous mobs in this game. Mind you, I am playing this game blind.
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