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User Info: Ojisan

1 year ago#1
There used to be downloadable maps of where to find the power up items in the future areas. I can't seem to find then here anymore, what happened? Now, granted, this won't be such a big deal till chapter 5, but it was a great help.

User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
1 year ago#2
I remember the maps of which you speak (maybe I shouldn't admit that, but I digress). Those maps were removed from this board years ago. I believe that you MIGHT be able to find some maps by googling. I have a vague memory of someone saying that he found them posted elsewhere.

Okay try this topic:
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User Info: Jaskath

1 year ago#3
I actually printed a guide years ago with the future maps and treasure locations. They all say at the bottom : "CREDIT: JungleJim's Dark Cloud 2-Walktrough V 1.8; gamefaqs.com" and "COPYRIGHT (c) 2004 Starion starion_gf@yahoo.com" So I suggest you try your look googling these guys, maybe the guide will come right there.
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