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User Info: Cay

11 years ago#1
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User Info: JoveHack

11 years ago#2

idoublespy has some PC/Steam fixes. Heavily edited for length

** Begin idoublespy Quote **

This post is for anyone having problems on PC version of the game.


This is for the 360 controller so you dont need to use mouse and keyboard on the PC version. :D

(this includes a button layout so read it to know what your doing)


Audio/Video Sync Problem

Wherever you have Beyond installed, go into that root folder which for people who bought it on Steam should look like:

Steam/SteamApps/common/beyond good and evil

Run the SettingsApplication and first make sure your 'Sound Settings' is using your default audio driver. Save the settings and test it out. Depending on the operating system you have, there is a bunch of different solutions.

Windows XP 32/64 bit -

To make it short and sweet, this occurs mostly with dual core users as the processor isn't running at a constant speed, so it makes the video and audio lag like crazy.

Windows Vista 32/64

AMD Dual Core users -

You'll want to download the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Version 1.1.4 program and run it, no reboot is required.

AMD and Intel users -

All you do is put this in the Beyond install folder, and run that instead of the BGE.exe


I'm not quite sure how this works, but the site gives you a basic tutorial on how to use it.

If anything, download the first link. This acts as a 'gimmick' that forces your processor to run at full speed all the time to prevent audio/video sync issues.

Graphical Issues

The biggest problem I faced was the game looking like a graphics card gone bad. The easiest way is to go back into the SettingsApplication program in the Beyond install folder and click on the 'Advanced Settings' tab and you'll noticed on the right side a compatibility box. Click on the manual compatibility settings box and uncheck "HW Vertex Processing"

Basically for everyone, that should fix the graphics issue. You might experience slowdown so if that happens, your gonna wanna uncheck everything BUT "SSE" and "Autogen minimap"

I also am using Xpadder with my 360 controller, so if anyone wants the config file for that, just PM me and i'll hook it up.

for anymore issues your having or you just want to look yourself


** End idoublespy Quote **

User Info: JoveHack

11 years ago#3

Th3_Space_Pope adds more fixes.

== Begin Th3_Space_Pope Quote ==
To add to idoublespy's pre-emptive post of fixes.

There is a scripting bug in the PC version that can break your game and trap you in a room.

Here is the link to the post that I found when it happened to me. I can vouch that this fix works.

Ive tried this fix and it works. i tried the other one mentioned on this board and it doesnt. here is the real one.

Here is an updated fix for the crashing problem in the 2 green key room in Slaughterhouse.


Before you start. go to your bge folder and and make a copy of your save file and put it in a new folder for backup. Then put the patch i showed you into the bge folder with the origional save (not the copy). start the patcher and follow instructions.

1 to fix the save game that is bad, click on the save file that is bad (so that it is highlighted) and click Central Hall Fix, (a little message should pop up saying its fixed) now close the patcher.

2 start the game, load the fixed save file, then take the extra key you get and give it to HH, now open the door and go get your pic.

3 once you get your pic, go back to the robot room, and save at the robot room once more (overwrite the same file you fixed (meaning save ontop of it)).

4 exit the game

5 open the patcher again, click on the same save file in the patcher and then click Central Hall Swap (message saying swapped should come up). close the patcher.

6 now go play and you should be outside the room. You should have no reason to go back to the robot room now, so dont go back. or you might get stuck again.

== End Th3_Space_Pope Quote ==

There are also some more hacks to fix some of the showstopper bugs if they occur on the PC. They're at http://www.terrygoodkind.net/~rahly/bgae.php

This is why I switched to playing on consoles, but even there you still need to keep several saves.

For disk problems on any system there's resurfacing, both professional and amateur.

For last resort and low cost, use a toothbrush and toothpaste on the read surface of the disk.

Ammonia might work for the very worst scratches but try it at your own risk.

This post and the previous one pull together the fixes known to me for Beyond Good and Evil. Post more if you got 'em.
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