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User Info: DrugsRBad

2 years ago#1
...be allowed in a "No Items or Equipment" play-through? - Results (34 votes)
44.12% (15 votes)
55.88% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I intend to do a "No items, equipment, or summons" play-through of this game, and I'm on the fence of whether or not to allow equipping the Mysterious Card, Trainer's Whip, and Tomegathericon at all. I don't see those as regular items or equipment, but still, it would give me a huge advantage if I did allow them.
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User Info: LancetJades

1 year ago#2
Seems that such a playthrough should simply prohibit any optional item that benefits you, so obviously they would be banned. And failing that, you do indeed have to 'equip' them to actually utilize their class change, which very much violates "no equipment."
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User Info: WhatTheFAQx

1 year ago#3
To be honest I'd allow them as they function more like non-usable djini because their function is to change your class. However, if you want to limit yourself more by having less choices it'll be more challenging without them.

User Info: taervek

1 year ago#4
I feel they qualify as equipment, so no. On the other hand, I have no intention of doing a run like that, so you should make the final call according to what you think
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  3. Should the class changing items...?
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