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User Info: X Slayer007 X

X Slayer007 X
2 years ago#11
LancetJades posted...
DD wasn't terrible, but it was a huge disappointment and basically a slap in the face to veteran GS fans. I can't say I 'like' it necessarily, but I don't hate it, and its gameplay is enjoyable enough in the same vein as the original games.

Pretty much this....also a lot of the game felt like a wild goose chase.

But I'm willing to give GS4 a chance if it ever gets made....
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User Info: jamesmast2

2 years ago#12
"alot of the game felt like a massive goose chase"

more like the first third of the game you are just trying to get past a broken bridge all to find a single feather to fix something somebody broke.
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User Info: MasterGamer72

2 years ago#13
Yeah I wasn't impressed with them basically riding the goose chase for way too much of the game

didn't feel as pressing as the first two did
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User Info: jamesmast2

2 years ago#14
DD's entire plot is you are errand boys for the people that actually do things, the original duology had a bit of that problem too but there it was better hidden and the cast actually had personal reasons to do what they did
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User Info: The_alchemy1356

1 year ago#15
If Dark Dawn does not have the name Golden Sun tack onto it, it could be a pretty average JRPG game and no one would complain but alas, it has the name Golden Sun in its title so this implies that the game needs to live up to the already great expectations and standards of The Lost Age. However, when Dark Dawn came out, all the hype came crashing down when it did not fulfill any of those expectations, with a lackadaisical puzzle and easy Boss fights.

And speaking of DD's plot, it basically involves you traveling around the world in search of some stupid feather that your friend dropped near the beginning of the game. And along the way you discover the Psynergy vortex or a black hole has been popping up all over Weyard because of the release of Alchemy. You also discover that Alex is indeed still alive and he has allied himself with some mysterious group name Tuaparang who needs to fight you for whatever reason. Near the epilogue of the game, a black hole suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is conveniently place near your home and the game ends just like that. Oh, and you still can't fight Alex.

If the remake or Golden Sun 4 may exist in the future, i just hope they don't write such a nonsensical plotline like those in Dark Dawn and improve upon the boss fights to make it more challenging. Also, please add a button to skip dialogue for those who have completed the game because the loquacious nature of the game sometimes just drags on for those who wanted to replay the game.
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User Info: pamboys

1 year ago#16
Voice actors would be nice those textss... i was like a kid playing this game.. tldr.
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